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Four-Year Roadmap

Center for Career & Vocation

The 4 Year Career Roadmap will guide you through steps to take each year in order to become career-ready with strategies and tools to use at Concordia University and serve in your vocations out in the community.

Male and female students in front of Grimm Hall

First Year

As a first-year student, we want you to start identifying your interests, strengths, passions, and skills.

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Two male students in their dorm room

Second Year

As a second-year student, we want to encourage you to become involved in the campus community and to gain leadership and volunteer experience.

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Male student on a computer

Third Year

As a third-year student, now is the time to gain professional experience and develop both professional and soft skills.

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Female student speaking with a professor

Fourth Year

As a fourth-year student, create a plan of action for obtaining a job at graduation or acceptance into graduate school.

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Meet Your Career Coach

Work with a Career Coach on all stages of your career development, from choosing a major to preparing career documents and mock interviews. They are here to help.

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