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Every year it is our privilege to welcome students from around the world to Concordia University and to our beautiful campus in Irvine, California. We are committed to the academic success and social development of our international students and highly value the unique perspective students from around the world bring to the Concordia community. Our international students quickly become part of the Concordia family as they interact with American students in our residence halls, cafeteria, classrooms, and during informal student activities. Additionally, our American students and professors appreciate and are eager to learn from international students as they share aspects of their own unique cultures.

Studying at Concordia

Concordia University has a long history of welcoming and educating students from around the world. You can continue your education with one of our traditional undergraduate majors or by pursuing a graduate degree.

Traditional Majors

Concordia offers a rich Core Curriculum and more than twenty majors from which you can choose.

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Graduate Degrees

Continue your education in one of our varied master's or doctoral degree programs.

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Traditional Chinese
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