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Resumes & Cover Letters

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About Resumes

Resumes are a space for you to present related experience, skills, and education for a specific position.

Resume Components

Key components

Employers want to quickly see why they should hire you. Make sure to include the following:

  • Keywords and skills related to the specific job
  • Relevant job titles and companies
  • Evidence of your impact and accomplishments
  • Your degree and graduation date


Include the following:

  • Full Name that stands out
  • Contact Information (Phone number and Email address)
  • Optional items: (address, online portfolio link, and LinkedIn profile URL, if they are up-to-date)


  • Degree, major, and date to be awarded
  • Institution, city, and state
  • G.P.A. if it is high and applicable to industry of interest
  • Foreign study (if applicable)
  • List course work or projects if indicating it will substitute for lack of experience
  • DO NOT include high school information


  • Position title, month year to month year
  • Name of employer, city, state of employer
  • Include internships, practicum, and volunteer experiences relevant to target position
  • Describe relevant experience with bullet points related to the position you are applying for

Skills (Optional)

  • Language Skills: specify languages and level of fluency
  • Computer skills: specific software and level of proficiency
  • Additional skills that are relevant to the target position

Resume 101 Resources

Cover Letters

A cover letter is your opportunity to tell the employer what you are applying for and why you are a good match for the position and the organization.

Submit a tailored, well-written cover letter with every resume.

Structure + Details

  • Address the salutation to a specific person
  • Avoid saying "To whom it may concern". If no name is provided then you can use "Dear Hiring Manager" or "Dear Selection Committee"
  • Use consistent branding with your resume
  • If you are submitting your resume to an email address, your cover letter may be in the body of the email

How to Write a Cover Letter

Career Branding

Branding Yourself on Social

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