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Career Branding on Social

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Branding Yourself on Social

Build Your LinkedIn Profile

Article | Building a Great Student Profile

Use a professional photo and if possible, place yourself in a field-appropriate context.

Describe yourself and indicate if you are actively job hunting

Your professional bio. Tell your story and what you are seeking. Make it short and concise.

Be thorough and include accomplishments that don't fit in the resume. Suggested connections will be made based on your past experience and education.

List the college you attended, and include community college if appropriate.

Add activities, groups, leadership groups and clubs that you participated in during your college years

Join groups that match your brand. Participate in and post your own discussions to engage with others and build a presence.

Request strong recommendations from your contacts. Aim for one per experience, preferably from direct supervisors.

Customize your auto-generated URL. Promote your profile by adding your URL to your signature line, business card, and resume.

LinkedIn Profile Checklist

Build Your Network

Connect with family, friends, professors, Career Development staff, bosses, coaches - everyone you know! Always send a personalized note.

Personalized requests by writing personalized connection requests by checking their contact settings first and indicate why you want to connect with them.

Address book upload your address book from your email accounts but make sure to connect only with people you know.

Join groups join alumni, university, or other industry groups and participate in the groups to expand your network.

Look up people you meet in person and connect with them.

Job Search

Job position determine what kind of position you want by viewing LinkedIn profiles.

Job tab once you know, click the jobs tab and enter the term to search for jobs advertised on LinkedIn. It will also suggest jobs that match your skills and inter

Follow search and follow companies of interest by checking for new openings and seeing the trends and charts. See where people worked before and after those companies -- to get more prospects.

Apply apply through LinkedIn. Your profile will be attached to your application.

Research do your homework before an interview. Research the company and people interviewing you on LinkedIn. This will give you an edge over those less prepared.

4-Year Roadmap

Steps to Take Each Year in Order to Become Career-Ready

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