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Center for Career & Vocation

The Center for Career and Vocation supports the mission of Concordia University Irvine by helping undergraduate students discover their calling and vocation, create a roadmap toward career readiness, and maximize employability.

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Choosing a Major

Most students change their major at least once before graduation. During the first two years, many students are still learning about their interests and strengths. Studies have shown that students who declare a major by their second year in college have an increased probability of graduation.

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Career Readiness

Employers are looking for candidates that are prepared for the workforce. There are eight essential professional competencies they want new hires to have. Can you articulate your strengths, skills, and interests in these areas?

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Resumes & Cover Letters

Resumes and Cover Letters are a space for you to present personal interest, related experience, skills, and education for a specific position.

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Career Branding on Social

Create opportunities for yourself. Since companies globally use social platforms like LinkedIn, creating a professional profile will help you get noticed and connect you to the right people.

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Gain Experience

Co-curricular learning and experiential learning opportunities provide students a space to learn desirable employability skills such as teamwork, collaboration, problem-solving, adaptability, and leadership.

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Meet Your Career Coach

Work with a Career Coach on all stages of your career development, from choosing a major to preparing career documents and mock interviews. They are here to help.

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