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Commuter Student Experience

Student Life

Students at the library lounge

Welcome Commuter Students!

Each student takes a different path to Concordia University Irvine, and the stories and experiences they bring with them are unique. You are wanted here and we are honored that you are interested in making Concordia your new home! Below you will find some information to help you navigate what
life as a commuter can look like.

Who are the commuters of Concordia?

 At Concordia, a commuter is anyone who does not live in our on-campus housing. Take a look at who currently makes up the commuter population:

  • 38% of Concordia's traditional undergraduate population
  • 42% of Concordia's commuter community is transfer students
  • 23% of commuters are first gen
  • 31% of commuters are Hispanic/Latino
  • 25% of commuters are student athletes

Student Spotlights

Our campus is home to hundreds of commuters. Hear about tips and experiences they have had during their time at Concordia:

Averie P.

Averie Perez '23

Read More
Kelli C.

Javier Raya '24

Read More
Hyung K.

Dae Lopez '25

Read More
Averie Perez

Averie Perez '23

Seating areas around campus makes it nice for commuters to have places to eat and hang out. Transponders are everything.

Javier Raya

Javier Raya '24

Time management is a key component of being a commuter. Make time for traffic and parking at Concordia.

Dae L.

Dae Lopez '25

You learn a lot as a commuter. I’ve learned to never take the 55 after 7:30am, because I will not make it to my morning class. But I’ve also found great coffee shops around campus during my breaks between classes. Allow yourself the time and space to explore, because you’ll never know what you’ll find!

Upcoming Events

Concordia offers frequent events that can help you feel more involved and at home as a commuter. Events specific for commuters include our yearly acai bowl truck and monthly $1 commuter lunch days! Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Students At Concordia
Students At Concordia

Get Involved

Looking for a way for your commuter voice to be heard? Senate is the voice of the student body to the ASCUI board and it is important to have commuter representatives apart of this team. At the beginning of each academic year, be on the lookout for information about the voting process and how to get involved. Meetings take place every Wednesday in Grimm Hall 128 from 10:30-11am.

Campus Resources

Concordia wants you to feel right at home and is ready to help you.  Here are some of our most popular resources to help you with a smoother transition:

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I print at Concordia?

To print, please visit the Schroeder Library.

Where can I study or hangout?

As a commuter, it is likely that you will have some free time in between your classes. Here are some great places to hang out on campus:

  • The Schroeder Library (also home to Luther Lounge)
  • The Unity Center
  • Eagles Landing (food and drink served here!)
  • The CSLD Patio
  • Sigma General
  • Rho Commons
  • Quad Lounges

Where can I store and warm up food?

The Center for student leadership (CSLD) has coffee, a mini fridge & microwave in the front entrance. Be sure to label your food! You can also find a toaster and microwave, as well as food and drink for sale, at Eagles Landing.


What are amenities on and off campus I should know about?

  • CU Active: our on-campus gym that includes weights, Peloton bikes, and fitness classes
  • Eagles Landing/the Caf: on-campus meals or snacks
  • Speedway Gas Station and Starbucks are a 3 minute drive from campus
  • The University Town Center (UTC) is home to fast food place like Chick-fil-a and In-n-Out, as well as shops like Trader Joe's and Target. It is only a 10 minute drive from campus, making it the perfect stop for a commuter lunch or dinner.
  • Corona del Mar beach and Crystal Cove State Park are about a 20 minute drive from campus

What is the HUNT?

Throughout the year, Concordia students participate in the HUNT through a series of spirit days, events, activities, and intramural sports to earn points for their team. At the end of the year, you’ll get to compete in The Hunter Games to gain the ultimate prize of the Golden Eagle trophy!

When are chapel services?

Chapel is held:

  • Daily chapel is held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:30am-10:55 am in the CU Center

  • SHOUT! (Student led chapel) is held Thursday nights from 9:30pm-10:30pm in the CU Center

  • CU Source is held Sundays 6:30pm-7:20pm in the Good Shepherd Chapel

Do commuters have meal plans?

Meal plans for commuters are optional. Commuters have access to a meal plan that is 5 meals a week and starts at $1,581 a semester. For more information, please visit the Bon Appetit page.

Join Commuters on the MyCUI app!

To stay updated on commuter specific information, be sure to download the MyCUI app and join our group! Here, you will receive announcements about events, competitions, giveaways, etc.

Learn More!


For questions about the commuter life, please contact:

Amanda Norris

Amanda Norris
Director of Student Life & Leadership Development
(949) 214-3048
[email protected]

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