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The Hunt

Bring Home the Golden Eagle Trophy

The Hunt

Join The Hunt to win the Golden Eagle trophy for your community!

Throughout the year, Concordia students participate in a series of spirit days, events, activities, and intramural sports to earn points for their team. At the end of the year, you’ll get to compete in The Hunter Games to gain the ultimate prize of the Golden Eagle trophy!

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Here’s How It Works

Your Teammates Are Your Neighbors

Students are divided into four teams based on where they live: Rho, Sigma, Quads, and Commuters. Team up with your neighbors and bring out your school pride to get your team’s flag flying high and proud on campus!

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Spirit Days Are Called Prey Days

These are the days you and your team will be on the hunt for prey. You can gain points for wearing your Hunt shirt on Prey Days, winning an intramural championship, having the highest cumulative GPA, winning large event competitions, finding the egg, and turning in stamp cards.

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Find the Golden Egg

During the first week of school, a golden egg is hidden on campus. Find the egg to earn points for your team and then hide it somewhere new for another team to find!

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Stamp Cards Get You Points and Free Swag

Earn stamps for every athletic event you attend throughout the year and turn in your stamp cards to earn points for your team and win free swag. Prizes include hats, blankets, tote bags, shirts, jackets, and more. The more stamps you collect, the better the prize!

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The Hunter Games

At the end of the year, you and your teammates can compete in The Hunter Games, an epic showdown between the teams! At the end of the games, the winning team will receive the Golden Eagle Trophy – and bragging rights for your community.

Golden Egg Rules

  • The Egg must be hidden outside, on Concordia's campus
  • The Egg cannot be buried underground (even partially)
  • The Egg cannot be hidden on a roof
  • The Egg cannot be hidden in a vehicle
  • The Egg cannot be hidden in a bush
  • The Egg is not allowed to be inside any university building
  • The Egg cannot leave Concordia's campus
  • The Egg must not be altered

Find out more

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Team rankings are announced after each Prey Day. Keep an eye on The Hunt's Instagram for the latest rankings!

2021 Year In Review

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Flight Club Student Section

In 2021, students voted to rename the CUI student section to Flight Club. The first rule of Flight Club is you always talk about Flight Club! Flight Club gets loud and rowdy at every CUI home game to support our Golden Eagles!

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Lead The Hunt!

The Hunt hires two paid student leader positions every year who help lead The Hunt. These students are called the Hunt Coordinators.

You can also be involved in The Hunt Committee which consists of a group of students who help plan all of the fun of the Hunt!


  • Field Day, August 22
  • Beach Bash Spikeball Tournament, August 26
  • Lipsync, September 30
  • Midnight Madness, October 21
  • Basketball Tailgate, November 15
  • Egg Frenzy, December 5-9
  • The Gauntlet, January 9
  • Gotcha, March 20
  • The Hunter Games, April 21
  • More to come!
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