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Transfer Student Experience

Student Life

Students Welcoming Concordia Transfers

Welcome Transfer Students!

Each student takes a different path to Concordia University Irvine, and the stories and experiences they bring with them are unique. We have a team ready to help you transition smoothly to campus life. You are wanted here and we are honored that you are interested in making Concordia your new home!

Joie Annunziato: Success Transfer Coach
[email protected].

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Be sure to join the following groups to stay up to date on events & important resources:

  • CUI Transfer Students
  • The Hunt
  • Student Success

Transfer Smoothly


  • Take advantage of the tutoring center in the library. We have free tutoring available for anything you may be struggling with. The tutoring center is located on the top floor of the library.

  • Attend office hours, especially for classes you are struggling with. Our professors truly care about how you are doing inside and outside of the classroom. Make time to connect with them so they can help you succeed.

  • Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor to discuss struggles and potential solutions. They are here to help! The academic advising office is located on the top floor of the library.

  • Create study groups with classmates.

  • Don’t overextend yourself with extra-curricular activities, especially your first semester. Plan for 15-20 hours per week max. Give yourself time to adjust to the rigor of our coursework and your new chapter here at Concordia.

  • Find your study spot. Popular spots include:

    • Unity Center

    • Bottom floor library (quiet zone)

    • Top floor library (open zone, talking/collaboration allowed!)

  • Ask questions! Remember that every student, professor, and staff member once had their first day here, too. Your Transfer Success Coach, PALS, RAs and the Office of Student Success are also available to answer questions.

Social Life

  • Get to know your RA & PAL (orientation leader). These individuals will help you get acclimated to campus life and be able to answer specific questions regarding student life at Concordia University Irvine.

  • Join a CLUB or create your own!

  • Participate in the HUNT. The HUNT is unique to Concordia and a big part of student life! Be sure to stay up-to-date on the HUNT activities and get involved.

  • Attend on campus events that are of interest to you! 

  • Join one of our Intramural sports leagues.

  • Explore spots on and off campus. Popular spots include:


  • Eagle’s Landing

  • Residential Lounges (even if you’re not a resident!). These lounges have games, comfy couches, study spaces, and more!

  • CU Active


  • Newport Beach (7 miles from campus)

  • Corona Del Mar Bonfire Pits (6 miles from campus)

  • University Town Center - has a Target, Trader Joe’s & tons of food options! (2 miles from campus)

  • Irvine Spectrum (6 miles from campus)

  • Back Bay Trail (5 miles from campus)

  • List of recommended churches in the area

Campus Resources

Concordia wants you to feel right at home and is ready to help you.  Here are some of our most popular resources to help you with a smoother transition:

Events to Look Forward To

  • Transfer Student Mixers

  • Finals Study Skills Workshop

  • Time Management/Organization Workshops

  • Vision Board Workshop

  • Professional Development Workshops (LinkedIn, Resume Reviews, Interview Tips, Etc!) and More!

Students At Concordia

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the transfer credit academic policies?

Read the details of our transfer policies HERE.

What is CORE?

Q&I Core is comprised of classic liberal arts courses offered in small, innovative learning communities. Q&I Core courses are taken together in linked pairs: biology with theology, mathematics with philosophy, and history with literature. Q&I Core classes typically have just 25 students, giving you a close-knit learning community.

Concordia's Q&I Core classes are mostly taught by full-time professors. Interaction with the professors is not limited to the classroom setting either. You are encouraged to meet with your professors during office hours. In fact, Q&I Core classes typically offer tutorials where you meet with your professors individually to discuss your papers and develop your ideas.

As a transfer student, you will be given a “core level” depending on how many credits you are bringing in with you and how much time you have here until receiving your degree. Your academic advisor can answer any questions you may have regarding your core level.

Who should I talk to if I have questions about my transferred courses?

You should first talk to your academic advisor. They will be able to answer any questions you have or refer you to the correct department if necessary.

How long will it take me to graduate from Concordia?

Every transfer student is unique as they each transfer in with a different amount of credits from their previous institution. Upon enrolling, your academic advisor will create a graduation plan that takes into account your transferred in courses as well as the requirements to graduate with your intended degree. You will be able to view this plan on Degreeworks and work with your advisor if you would like to make any changes to the plan.

How will I know what courses are required for my degree?

You are able to view all the required coursework through Degreeworks.

How do I determine my student classification?

Classification is based on the number of completed units:

Freshman: 0-29.99

Sophomore: 30-59.99

Junior: 60-89.99

Senior: 90+

Can I live on campus and who would I live with?

You are able to live on campus if you are under the age of 25! We have a transfer specific residence hall where you are able to live among other transfer students.

Where should I hang out on campus in between classes?

There are a ton of great spots to hang on campus whether it be to study or just relax! Some great spots to check out are:

  • Eagle's Landing
  • The Library
  • CU Active
  • Residential Lounges (NOTE: you don’t need to be a resident) These lounges have games, comfy couches, study spaces, and more.
  • Unity Center (This is a great place that many commuters like to hang out. We have microwaves, couches, and a coffee machine!)

I’m struggling with the transition to Concordia, what should I do?

1. If you want to talk through your struggles, contact your transfer success coach. Together, you can discuss the areas that you’re struggling and discuss action steps to improve.

2. If you’re struggling academically, you can work with the tutoring center or make an appointment with the Disability Access Services Center (both located on the top floor of the library).

3. If you’re struggling with your mental health, you can make an appointment with the wellness center to discuss your struggles. There is a group of mental health professionals ready to assist you.

4. If you’re struggling with your faith, you can meet with the Campus Pastor or any staff/faculty that you feel comfortable with. We are all here to help and serve you on your journey. We would love to discuss and talk through any issues you may be having.

What type of equipment am I able to rent and how does it work?

CU Active provides a wide range of equipment for students to rent, absolutely FREE! They offer bikes, surfboards, sports equipment, tents, hammocks, and more through the booqable app! More information can be found on the CU Active page.

What is the HUNT?

Throughout the year, Concordia students participate in the HUNT through a series of spirit days, events, activities, and intramural sports to earn points for their team. At the end of the year, you’ll get to compete in The Hunter Games to gain the ultimate prize of the Golden Eagle trophy!

When are chapel services?

Chapel is held:

  • Daily chapel is held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:30am-10:55 am in the CU Center

  • SHOUT! (Student led chapel) is held Thursday nights from 9:30pm-10:30pm in the CU Center

  • CU Source is held Sundays 6:30pm-7:20pm in the Good Shepherd Chapel

I have a suggestion/comment/concern/question.

Great! Please fill out this form and let us know!

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