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Inclusion. Diversity. Equity. Access.

Mutual Respect: A Concordia Value

“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourself.” Romans 12:10

"Mutual Respect" is one of the core values of Concordia University. At Concordia we respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people, acknowledging that people of every race, tribe and nation have been created by God and redeemed by Jesus Christ to live in harmony with one another.

We attempt to live out that core value by welcoming our student body and supporting students from a wide variety of cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds and religious traditions, and with differing degrees of physical and emotional abilities and needs.

We believe that a student body made up of students who represent a variety of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives strengthens our campus community and provides a rich environment for dialogue, debate and learning. In such a rich educational environment, students learn what they have in common and what unites them, as well as learn what makes them unique individuals who bring differing perspectives to bear on their interactions with one another and with their professors.

Our Lutheran tradition fosters an environment of inclusiveness for all. Concordia is for anyone who believes they have been called by Christ, as well as for those who may be uncertain about their faith or curious about our view of God. We honor others by including them, sharing with them the Gospel, and allowing them the freedom to interpret and come to their own conclusions.

At Concordia Irvine we are dedicated not only to teaching certain subjects, but to shaping a coherent and comprehensive view of the world, of humanity, and of the God who created and redeemed both. It is this faithfulness to this mission which makes Concordia graduates wise, honorable and cultivated citizens. They become citizens who are respectful of all people, prepared to serve God’s world and proclaim God’s word.

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