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Academic Clubs


Four CUI ASL members sign I Love CUI

President: Maddie Durkin
Faculty Advisor: Cari Chittick

ASL CUI seeks to educate undergraduate students about American Sign Language and the Deaf community, engage in active communication, and cultivate meaningful experiences and relationships between peers and the Deaf community.

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Behavioral Science Club

President: Elliana Garrett
Faculty Advisor: Kristen Koenig

The Behavioral Science Club observes God’s creation through the lenses of psychology, sociology, and anthropology in order to better understand our fellow neighbor.

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Lambda Pi Eta


President: Jenna Hoffman
Faculty Advisor: David Schulz

Lambda Pi Eta is the National Communication Association Honor Society

Lambda Pi Eta has six overarching goals:

  1. Recognize, foster, and reward outstanding scholastic achievement in Communication Studies
  2. Stimulate interest in the field of Communication
  3. Promote and encourage professional development among Communication majors
  4. Provide an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of Communication
  5. Establish and maintain closer relationships between faculty and students
  6. Explore options for graduate education in Communication Studies

For eligibility into the honor society, students must complete at least 60 credit hours with 12 credit hours in communication studies courses. Students must also have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a minimum communication studies GPA of 3.25.

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Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) Biological Honors Society

President: Payton Bouwhuis
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sean Bignami

The purpose of Beta-Beta-Beta Biological Honor Society shall be to function as an honor and professional society for students of the biological sciences. Its activities shall be designed to stimulate interest, scholarly attainment, and investigation in the biological science, and to promote the dissemination of information and new interpretations among students of the life sciences.

Find out more about TriBeta Biological Honors Society.

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PresidentOlivia Highstreet
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Erin Nelson

COMM-unity connects peers, faculty, and industry professionals to enhance communication skills through learning, service, and leadership.

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Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi

President: Christiana Patton
Faculty Advisor: Kit Nagel

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity in the School of Business and Economics organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce; and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture, and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.

Rho Phi was founded April 21, 2012, and is part of Delta Sigma Pi, a world renowned co-ed Fraternity. Over the past 100 years Rho Phi has encouraged, supported, and shaped the professional goals and personal aspirations of thousands of members across the country. The fraternity seeks to shape young students into young professional men and women.

Find out more about Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity.

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President: Michelle Lourenco
Faculty Advisor: Tammie Burkhart

Enactus is a worldwide organization of 1,730 universities and 72,000 students committed to helping less fortunate people in the developing world through entrepreneurship activities. The Concordia Enactus Club is eight students strong and growing.

Our club project is to support aspiring entrepreneurs in the Philippines and soon in Costa Rica. Our team analyzes aspirant’s business plans, provide microfinance loans to the final contenders, and coach the recipients of the loans. In May a group of our students travels to the Philippines to meet the aspiring entrepreneurs, teach new candidates and experience the culture and business environment of the Philippines. In doing so, students have the opportunity to help people around the world while developing skills that the workplace values. The Enactus team is featured in the Summer 2018 CUI Magazine.

The Enactus Club is affiliated with the School of Business and Economics.

Find out more about Enactus.

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EPiCS Club

EPiCS Club

President: Fatima Nava
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Julie Melberg

The EPiCS club's mission is to foster passion for Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering both within the campus and the wider community, while also serving as a supportive community for students who share an interest in these subjects.

Find out more about EPiCS Club.

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International Business Club

President: Maria Sartin
Faculty Advisor: Kit Nagel

IBC is committed to providing tomorrow's business leaders with basic exposure and knowledge of foreign markets and business practices. We strive for ethical and honest behavior in a shrinking world, in hopes that we can better learn from and respect our brothers and sisters in Christ.

The International Business Club is affiliated with the School of Business and Economics.

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Omicron Delta Kappa

President: Ella Hachee
Faculty Advisor: Michael Bergler

Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) is the national leadership honor society, recognizing juniors and seniors for their leadership on and off campus in a variety of fields, including:

  • Scholarship
  • Athletics
  • Campus/Community Service, Social/Religious Activities and Campus Government
  • Journalism, Speech and the Mass Media
  • Creative and Performing Arts

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors who are in the top 35% of their class academically will receive an invitation to apply for membership in late October via email. Selections are made and new members are initiated in January.

Members are then eligible to apply for scholarships for graduate school and other leadership awards, as well as attend regional and national leadership conferences.

As a campus organization, ODK promotes community service and leadership activities on/off campus, often co-sponsoring with other groups.

Find out more about Omicron Delta Kappa.

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Phi Delta Epsilon

President: Andy Kapoor
Faculty Advisor: Scott Gaines

Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity creates physicians of integrity with a lifelong commitment to our guiding principles of philanthropy, deity and education through fellowship, service, mentoring and formal training in leadership, science and ethics.

Find out more about Phi Delta Epsilon.

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Phi Epsilon Kappa

President: Sarah Quinlan
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Vance Tammen

Welcome to Concordia University's Phi Epsilon Kappa. The purpose of the club is to provide future health care professionals exposure and education in all fields of sports medicine. We strive to prepare future physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, and athletic trainers with the ability to evaluate and rehabilitate athletic injuries. The students are encouraged to attend workshops and discussions lead by sport medicine professionals.

Membership is open to all Concordia University, Irvine students. All Athletic Training Students are required to be members. If you are interested in joining Phi Epsilon Kappa please contact any of the leaders!!

Find out more about Phi Epsilon Kappa.

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Sports Business Club

President: Mark Francis

The Sports Business Club strives to focus on preparing the future generation of leaders in the sports business. We seek to cultivate an environment for the campus community that offers a positive involvement with the sports industry.

The Sports Business Club is affiliated with our Sports Business Major (School of Business and Economics).

Find out more about Sports Business Club.

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Women in Business

President: Claire Oppedahl
Faculty Advisor: Kellie Playter

Women in Business is a student-run network that strives to enhance the professional and academic experience of collegiate women. We empower our members through professional development, networking opportunities, alumni connections, skill workshops, and community engagement. Our goal is to develop a community of women with the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in the business world and life.

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Cultural and Social Clubs

Black Student Union

President: Jayla Powell
Faculty Advisor: Amanda Norris

Black Student Union strives to promote cultural diversity and development through its celebration of all students at Concordia University Irvine. Through community service, academics, and communication BSU aims to enrich the lives of students, faculty, and the campus community at large.

Find out more about Black Student Union.

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Ka Pu’uhonua

President: Isabella Johnson
Faculty Advisor: Megan Bouslaugh

Ka Pu’uhonua is the Hawaiian term for “the place of refuge.” It was chosen because of our mission to provide a safe space and family aspect for CUI’s Pacific Islander students and beyond. Concordia Irvine has a fairly large number of students from Hawai’i and our aim is to share all aspects of our beautiful Hawaiian culture with the rest of the students and faculty here, through food, language, and educational activities.

Find out more about Ka Pu’uhonua.

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Nuestra Voz

President: Axel Aguilar
Faculty Advisor: Gio Brito

Nuestra Voz wishes to represent the unique cultures and perspectives of Latino, Hispanic, Chicano and indigenous students on Concordia University Irvine campus, to educate the campus and students about these unique cultures and perspectives, and to engage the campus community as a whole on issues relevant to us civically and culturally.

Find out more about Nuestra Voz.

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Step One

President: Axel Aguilar
Staff Advisor: Gerry Duran

Our Priority as the Step One club is to befriend and support first generation students, as well as others who want to establish lasting, meaningful friendships with fellow students of Concordia. We also encourage learning more about opportunities educationally and around campus and Orange County, and to be educated on important subjects of life while growing and connecting with their peer. In a nutshell, Step One will be dedicated toward helping students feel at home in Irvine and Concordia.

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Student Veteran Alliance

President: Haley Moses

Advisor: Anna Bidondo

Aliis Opera: "service to others" is our motto that encompasses the command of God to love our neighbors. As Veteran Associated Students, our service to our country unites us, service to God guides us, and service to our community fulfills us. 
Our common purpose is to bridge cultural gaps between veterans, dependents, and non-military students. 

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Recreational Clubs

CU Judo

President: Javier Raya
Faculty Advisor: Nathan Meier

Seeking to help individuals develop moral character and discipline as part of CUI’s mission to produce wise, honorable, and cultivated students: CUI Judo team seeks to train our mind and body through the practice of Judo in ourselves and in our community following two main maxims: maximum efficiency with minimum effort, mutual welfare and benefit.

Find out more about CU Judo.

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CUI Nomads


President: Daelynn Lopez
Faculty Advisor: Michael Ottenad

CUI Nomads is Concordia's outdoor recreation club! From backpacking, to rock climbing, the Nomads seak to increase campus community by encouraging the student body to explore the outdoors.

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Disc Golf Club

President: Brody Rezen
Faculty Advisor: Michael Ottenad

The CUI Disc Golf Club promotes the sport of disc golf by providing organized play for all students. Our goal is to build the campus community, practice good etiquette and display Christian values in the sport of disc golf. The club welcomes all skill levels and focuses on having fun.

Find out more about the CUI Disc Golf Course.

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eSports - Eagles Gaming Association

President: Matthew Simon

Faculty Advisor: Michael Ottenad

To promote esports, board games, and videogames as a hobby through competitive and enjoyable casual games. For friends and students to come together and play a variety of video games, regardless of skill level. The goal is to build friendship, promote good sportsmanship and teamwork, compete in tournaments representing Concordia University, and provide a place for members to relax, have fun, and get away from stress. All while maintaining Christian values (ex. Integrity, kindness, leadership, and compassion, humility, loyalty, faith, and moderation).

Find out more about eSports - Eagles Gaming Association.

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Surf Club

President: Kylie Dunkleberger
Faculty Advisor: Michael Ottenad

To love and appreciate the ocean and the great opportunity it gives us. The ocean and surfing has given each and every one of the officers, much love and opportunity in life. This club strives to be able to show students God's great affections towards members through the power of the ocean.

Find out more about Surf Club.

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Ultimate Frisbee Club

President: Lanis Webb
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christian Hauser

Mission Statement: To promote the sport of Ultimate Frisbee through competitive and enjoyable games. It's an opportunity for friends and students to get together and play Frisbee, regardless of skill level. Our goal is to build friendships, promote good sportsmanship, build character, grow in athletic skill, and offer a means to get away from school and homework; relieve stress; hold a higher standard of Christian living during the course of play (such as modesty and kindness of words and actions).

Find out more about Ultimate Frisbee Club.

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Student Groups

Clearlight – Concordia’s Yearbook

Carrie Donohoe, Faculty Advisor

The Clearlight is the student yearbook of Concordia University. The yearbook is published in April and is available for pick up the last week of classes in the spring semester. Through the use of journalistic, technologic, and life/workplace skills, students develop as critical thinkers and communicators. Each year, the editor and the staff work to produce a book that tells a story in a unified and compelling way.

Join our Staff now – we are looking for photographers, writers and layout designers.

Find out more about Clearlight - Concordia's Yearbook.

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Concordia Courier

The Concordia Courier is the student newspaper of Concordia University. Published approximately every two weeks, it includes news articles, feature stories and opinion pieces of interest to the University community.

Find out more about Concordia Courier.

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CUI Bono

The goal of CUI Bono is to promote deeper thinking about the ultimate questions that arise from lectures, texts, and conversations in and outside of the classroom. Students of all levels intermix and interact with faculty members from an array of departments.

Find out more about CUI Bono.

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President: Madison Zuniga
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Scott Stiegemeyer

As representatives of Christ who made all human life with inherent and eternal value, Eagles4Life seeks to be for life through education, service, and outreach. In partnership with the national Y4Life organization, club members affirm the value of human life through both on-campus involvement and collaboration with other life-oriented groups. We offer diverse volunteer opportunities, and our relationship with Y4Life allows our members to attend national retreats and conferences.

Find out more about Eagles4Life.

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Konrad Hack, Director of Forensics

Since its founding in 2007, Concordia’s forensics team has become the premier full-service forensics team in the western United States. Our full-service forensics squad consistently places in the top 10 rankings nationwide in speech and debate events. Our talented coaching staff ensures you will receive one-on-one attention while thriving among your peers. While we love winning trophies, we are most concerned with teaching our students to become wise, honorable, and cultivated citizens after graduation.

Find out more about Forensics.

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Music Ensembles

CUI Music Department Performance Groups

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Student Leadership

abbey west

abbey west is a movement of students on the campus of Concordia University Irvine who want to shed worn-out perceptions of what Christianity is all about. Returning again to the teachings of Jesus, our mission is quite simply to make disciples of a new generation.

Find out more about abbey west.

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ASCUI Senate

The Concordia University - Irvine Board of Regents and the faculty are committed to including students within the policy-making functions of the University. ASCUI Senate is the primary voice of students in policy-making activities. The Senate is comprised of elected representatives from residence halls and commuter students, and functions under the leadership of the Student Body Vice-President. The Senate also provides a communication link between students and student leadership.

Find out more about ASCUI Senate.

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International Student Ambassadors (ISA)

International Student Ambassadors (ISAs) are a team of globally engaged local or international student volunteers who are positioned to help new international students feel welcome and supported at Concordia. As a student leadership position, the ISA role can strengthen resumes, serve as a foundation for requesting references from International Center staff, and function as a preparation for future opportunities.

Find out more about ISAs.

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Leadership, Education, and Development (LEAD) Program

The goal of Leadership, Education, and Development (LEAD) Program focuses on the social integration of our students within the Concordia community. LEAD recognizes the value of student involvement on campus and its impact on a student’s overall college experience. Housed in the Center for Student Leadership & Development (CSLD), the LEAD Program plans and offers enriching experiences for the student body to participate in either on-campus or around the Orange County community. Students in turn will foster relationships with each other, invest in the University, and strengthen their awareness of themselves.

Find out more about LEAD.

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Peer Advising Leaders (PALs)

PALs serve as the front line student ambassadors of CUI during SOAR, Spring Orientation and INT 100: Foundations.

Find out more about PALs.

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Residential Education and Services (RES)

The Residential Education and Services department at Concordia University works within the mission of the university to meet the many needs of students living in our Residence Halls. We empower students to make the most of their educational experiences by supporting them and offering opportunities to engage in learning, service, and leadership.

Find out more about RES.

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