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CUI Bono

CUI Bono

Pronounced “kwee boe know,” the name of this academic society at Concordia is derived from a Latin phrase roughly translated as “who stands to benefit?” For CUI Bono, the students’ benefit is the priority. This program develops well-rounded and educated students through meaningful discussions and relationships with professors. Membership is voluntary and unrestricted as the group aims to foster as many points of view as possible with faculty from multiple disciplines.

CUI Bono Podcast

We bring rich conversations between engaged faculty and Concordia University Irvine students to a larger audience.

Producer Dr. Jeff Mallinson (D.Phil., Oxford) is Professor and Chair of History and Political Thought at Concordia University Irvine. He specializes in the history of ideas, especially as they shed light on the ways in which religious and philosophical ideas can both emancipate and enslave people.

Emcee Dr. Kristen Koenig (D.Phil., Oxford) is a Professor of Philosophy at Concordia University Irvine. Her expertise is in the area of globalization, but her true passion is encouraging students to adapt the sociological imagination to understanding the contemporary world around them.

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Monthly Talks

We bring academic conversations outside the classroom. We believe that college is more than units, and offer a chance for students to meet people who care about education, thinking, and deeper things.

Annual Retreat

CUI Faculty voluntarily lead a retreat for approximately 30 students where pre-selected topics are debated in facilitated sessions and students contribute to the conversation. Attendees also have the opportunity to enjoy outdoor recreational activities.

“I really enjoyed this retreat since it not only dealt with an academically stimulating topic, but had many practical purposes as well. In everyday life, we can use what we have learned to benefit others.”
-Mark Duerr

“The whole CUI Bono enterprise is refreshing to me because it reminds me that the next generation, our students, has some remarkable thinkers who are definitely putting their minds to work on the challenges facing us in church, world, and our personal lives.”
-Dr. James Bachman

Contact Us

Daniel Deen

Dr. Daniel Deen
Faculty Advisor
[email protected]
(949) 214-3397

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