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Rho Phi Chapter: Delta Sigma Pi

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About Rho Phi

Through a variety of philanthropic and social activities, Rho Phi inspires its members to adopt important values such as leadership, empathy, and ambition, and to always strive for excellence.

Since 2014, members have upheld these values through academic success, philanthropy, character development, and solid relationship-building skills. Our members are actively involved in many events throughout the year, allowing them to create lifelong bonds and consistently give back to the community.


President: Alyssa Flores
Senior Vice President: John McCord
Vice President-Pledge Education: Joshua Ibarra
Vice President-Finance: Emma Lyon
Vice President-Chapter Operations: Avery Casteel
Chancellor: Madolyn Sauerbreit
Vice President-Professional Activities: Gerry Duran
Vice President-Community Service: Katherine Gildea
Vice President-Scholarship and Awards: Hanah Holtsberg
Vice President-Alumni Relations: David Sanchez
Chapter Social Activities Committee Chair: David Sanchez 
Webmaster: Christiana Patton
District Director: Alexa Schmidt
Faculty Advisor: Christopher Nagel

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