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Continuing with the 24/25 school year, all Graduate, Credential, and Adult Degree Students will be billed a $50 Student Success Fee each semester.  This fee will be used to expand requested resources for Concordia graduate students, including the following:

  • Significant expansion of online wellness and counseling services
  • Greater online career support services  
  • Strengthened online writing and library services  

Graduate, Fifth (5th) Year, Credential, and Non-Traditional Undergraduate Programs

*Cost per unit for an audited course is 25% of the per-unit tuition rate for that program. If the program has a tuition cost of $545 per unit, the audited cost would be $136.25 per unit. Please click on a program below to see their per-unit tuition costs.

Online Bachelor's Degree (OBD)

Nursing Programs

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Coaching

Teaching Credential

Master of Arts in Education (MAEd)

Master of Arts in Educational Leadership (MAEL)

Master of Healthcare Administration

Master of Arts in Theology

Master of Arts in Church Leadership

Master of Public Health

Christ College - DCE Internship

  • More Information
  • Stateside (flat rate): $7,230
  • International (flat rate): $10,913

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

Townsend Institute for Leadership & Counseling

Payment of Tuition and Fees

All tuition and fees are due and payable as stated on the bill for each semester. Tuition and fees may be paid at the Bursar's Office located on the first floor of Grimm Hall North (103/104) or online at Failure to pay fees by the established deadlines may cause the student to be dropped from ALL classes.

Financial Holds on Unpaid Balances and Registration

Students who are past due in any debt to the university will have a financial hold on their account. They are not permitted to register in any school or college of the university until the hold is released. A financial hold precludes students from receiving university services, including: registration, dropping or adding classes, grades, diplomas, and graduation.

No diploma will be issued for a student who has an outstanding student account balance. The diplomas will be released when the account is paid in full.

Upon withdrawal from the university, accounts with outstanding balances will be transferred to the Bursar for collection. Failure to pay past-due balances will result in the account being turned over to a collection agency. When the university is forced to turn the account to collections, the student shall be responsible for all additional costs of collection including attorney fees and costs. In the event of court action to enforce this agreement, the student shall be responsible for paying all court costs and fees, including attorney fees and costs.

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