Master of Arts in Education: Educational Administration Tuition

Tuition/Fee Summer '20, Fall '20 / Spring '21
Non-refundable Application Fee: Domestic $50
Non-refundable Application Fee: International $150
Graduation Fee Graduation Fee
Regional Cohorts - Program Fee $150/one-time fee
Cost per Unit $595
EDUA 590 Practicum $100
EDUA 591 Practicum $100

*Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice

Lutheran Educators Discount

New 10% discount on all tuition for applicants currently serving as a teacher or administrator in a Lutheran school who wish to pursue a master's degree or Ed.D. degree through Concordia University Irvine's School of Education. Candidates for this special discount simply need to submit a signed letter from their school administrator verifying employment along with all application materials.

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