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Church Work Program

Christ College

Don't Ask: "Is God Calling Me to Serve?"
Ask: "How Is God Calling Me to Serve?"

Jesus commissioned his church to make disciples of all nations. From its founding, Concordia University Irvine’s Christ College has equipped students to carry out that Great Commission, inviting students to live out their faith with thankful hearts, eager to share the Gospel with others.

Serving Christ and his people through called ministry deserves the best preparation possible. Our approach to ministry preparation reflects Southern California’s culturally diverse setting. You will encounter a rich variety of cultures in area congregations and through local and global mission opportunities. You will experience ministry hands on as you engage in your studies. As you prepare to bring Christ to the nations, where better to study than where Christ has brought the nations to you?

Every step of the way, our excellent faculty members are there to mentor you. They are all actively involved in ministry today, bringing practical experiences in called ministry to the classroom. All of our theology faculty members have advanced academic degrees and have published in their field. The personal relationship you will have with these professors, as they bring academics and application together, will equip you for ministry.

LCMS Church Work Programs

Brian Ho

Director of Christian Education (DCE)

A DCE is an educational leader who is prepared for team ministry in a congregation serving children, youth, adults, and families.

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Logan Werner

Director of Parish Music (DPM)

DPMs enhance the worship services and musical life of their congregations. They may be involved in worship planning and leadership, accompanying music, directing choirs, coordinating or leading ensembles, developing new music ministries or a variety of other tasks.

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Emma Mathes

Lutheran Teaching

Teachers receive high-quality training and preparation for a California state credential, along with skills for teaching the faith and serving students in one of the world's largest faith-based educational systems.

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Shea Pruhs

Pre-Deaconess Studies

Deaconesses reach out to individuals in spiritual and physical need through acts of service and ministry. They may serve in a variety of settings from parishes to social service agencies, to the mission field. The Pre-Deaconess Studies program prepares women for continuing study at a seminary.

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John Trinklein

Pre-Seminary Studies

Pastors shepherd God's people through the ministry of Word and Sacrament. From local congregations to global missions, pastors make and nurture disciples. The Pre-Seminary Studies program equips men with the tools needed for seminary study after graduation, including the original biblical languages.

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Scholarships & Grants

Workers are needed for the harvest. Through quality church work programs, Concordia University Irvine supports the formation of pastors, DCEs, DPMs, deaconesses, and teachers in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS). That support includes a substantial increase in institutional aid.

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Carrie Donohoe

Carrie Donohoe
College Program Coordinator
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