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Prepare to Become a Deaconess

Christian women serving as deaconesses reach out to individuals in spiritual and physical need through acts of mercy, service and ministry. Depending on their gifts and calling, they may provide spiritual care, teach God’s Word, administer programs, work in social service or assist in a variety of other ministry tasks. Deaconesses frequently serve in congregations, hospitals, welfare institutions, college campuses, inner cities, foreign missions, and in other places where their ministry of service is needed. The Pre-Deaconess Studies Program equips women for seminary-level diaconal training through instruction in at least one biblical language and through other courses that will prepare them for graduate theological education.

Program Distinctives

  • Excellent Christ College faculty
  • Location – Southern California hosts many diverse ministry experiences and cultural contexts
  • Local and international mission opportunities and study abroad options

Pre-Deaconess Studies Program Requirements

  1. General Education (54-55 units)
    • Normally completed during the first two years of attendance. Students should take the following courses at Concordia University as part of their general education curriculum:
      • THL 201: History and Literature of the Old Testament (3 units)
      • THL 202: History and Literature of the New Testament (3 units)
  2. Major Requirements:
  3. Christ College Certificate Requirements (21 units)
  4. Additional Pre-Deaconess Program Requirements: (20-22 units)
    • CCI 008: Seminar in Deaconess Ministry (0.5 units)*
    • CCI 103-403: Christ College Modules (4 units)
    • GRE 101: Greek 1 (4 units)
      and GRE 102: Greek 2 (4 units)
    • HEB 101: Hebrew 1 (4 units)
      and HEB 102: Hebrew 2 (4 units)
    • THL 304: History of the Christian Church (3 units)
    • THL 371: Christian Doctrine 1 (3 units)
    • THL 372: Christian Doctrine 2 (3 units)
    • THL 465: Christians and Ethics (3 units)
    • Highly Recommended:
      • Second Biblical Language (8 units)
      • CED 202: Church Leadership & Administration
      • CED 302: Methodology of Christian Teaching

*CCI 008 may be taken once a year, normally in semesters when not taking CCI 103-403.

Current students, please note: The requirements listed here may not reflect the most current courses for this program and may not be the requirements for the catalog year you are following to complete your program. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for official requirements you must meet to qualify for a degree.

Alumni Success

  • Shea Pruhs

    Pre-Deaconess Studies: Shea Pruhs ’13

    By Shea Pruhs '13

    Concordia's theology professors have such a passion for sharing Scripture. They bring it to life and engage students. That made me excited to be in God’s Word and gave me a fire to communicate God’s Word to others in the same way. I saw how valuable it is to be excited when teaching the Bible and sharing God’s love with people.

  • Noks Shabalala standing in front of flowers.

    Fluent in the Language of Faith

    By Mia Mauss

    Nokukhanya (Noks) Shabalala's '16 journey spans four continents, takes place in multiple countries and crosses three oceans. As a child, Noks was never alone. The same is true today. It is clear that God’s Spirit has been her companion and guide every step of the way.

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Contact Us

For more information regarding the Pre-Deaconess Studies Program, please contact the Director, Prof. Scott Stiegemeyer.

Prof. Scott Stiegemeyer
Program Director 
(949) 214-3406
[email protected]

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