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Pre-Deaconess Studies: Shea Pruhs ’13

July 07, 2021 - 1 minute read

Shea Pruhs

Shea Pruhs, ’13
Deaconess, Christ the King Lutheran Church in Kingwood, Texas

Concordia's theology professors have such a passion for sharing Scripture. They bring it to life and engage students. That made me excited to be in God’s Word and gave me a fire to communicate God’s Word to others in the same way. I saw how valuable it is to be excited when teaching the Bible and sharing God’s love with people.

Concordia also had a strong theological program that equipped me to jump into classes at seminary. I earned a master’s degree theology, with deaconess certification, to help prepare me for ministry in a variety of settings, from schools to hospitals, prisons to emergency environments where people need mercy and help through times of crisis.

Today I run the student ministry at a church near Houston and often quote my Concordia professors word for word — not to mention that all my undergraduate textbooks (some written by my professors)  are on my shelf for easy access. Concordia's professors sparked in me a love of learning about theology, and I am making a career of sharing that love in church work.

Consider what you love. Think about the gifts God has given you and what brings you joy. Pursue that — God will bless it and use it.

Pre-Deaconess Studies

Christian women serving as deaconesses reach out to individuals in spiritual and physical need through acts of mercy, service and ministry. Depending on their gifts and calling, they may provide spiritual care, teach God’s Word, administer programs, work in social service or assist in a variety of other ministry tasks. Deaconesses frequently serve in congregations, hospitals, welfare institutions, college campuses, inner cities, foreign missions, and in other places where their ministry of service is needed. The Pre-Deaconess Studies Program equips women for seminary-level diaconal training through instruction in at least one biblical language and through other courses that will prepare them for graduate theological education.

Questions? Contact Rev. Quinton Anderson at [email protected], (949) 214-3111. Or visit us online.

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