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Prepare to Become a Pastor

The Pre-Seminary Studies Program equips future pastors with the training essential for successful entrance into a seminary education and ministry. Pastors bring God’s gifts of Word and Sacrament to His people all over the world. With our outstanding faculty and the diverse context of Southern California, Concordia University Irvine is a great place to begin your preparation. The program is structured to encourage measured personal and spiritual growth in pastoral attitudes, habits, and skills and offers a cross-cultural experience. 

Upon successful completion of the program, students are prepared to enter a seminary to continue their study that normally includes three additional years of academic work and one year of vicarage. Entrance requirements will vary from seminary to seminary, but normally a bachelor's degree and proficiency in the biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew are required of all who desire admission to a seminary. Seminaries generally also require personal references and recommendations.

Program Distinctives

  • Excellent Christ College faculty
  • Location – Southern California hosts many diverse ministry experiences and cultural contexts
  • Local and international mission opportunities and study abroad options
  • Apologetics strength

Pre-Seminary Studies Program Requirements

General admission to the university does not constitute admission to the Pre-Seminary Studies Program. Students are advised to consult the director of the Pre-Seminary Studies Program for specific requirements and procedures for admission.

  1. General Education: (54-55 units)
    • Normally completed during the first two years of attendance.
  2. Major Requirements:
    • Completion of any approved major.
  • CPHI 101: Introduction to Philosophy or CPHI 200: Introduction to Philosophical Inquiry or PHI 201: Critical Thinking (3 units)
  • GRE 101: Greek 1 (4 units)
  • GRE 102: Greek 2 (4 units)
  • HEB 101: Hebrew 1 (4 units)
  • HEB 102: Hebrew 2 (4 units)
  • THL 465: Christians and Ethics (3 units)
  • Highly Recommended:
  • ARA 301: Aramaic (3 units)
  • CED 487: Parish Program Leadership (3 units)
  • CED 488: Family Ministry (3 units)
  • CED 489: Adult Education in the Parish (3 units)
  • GRE 211: Reading in Luke and Acts (3 units)
  • GRE 341: Johannine Literature (3 units)
  • GRE 451: Pauline Literature (3 units)
  • HEB 201: Readings in the Hebrew Bible (3 units)
  • PHI 211: Philosophical Ethics (3 units)
  • PSY 466: Principles of Counseling (3 units)
  • THL 222: Christian Witness and Evangelism (1 unit)
  • THL 430: Christian Apologetics (3 units)
  • Additional Information:
  • All students in the program are required to meet with the director of the Pre-Seminary Studies Program annually to discuss their personal, professional, intellectual and spiritual growth for the pastoral ministry.

Current students, please note: The requirements listed here may not reflect the most current courses for this program and may not be the requirements for the catalog year you are following to complete your program. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for official requirements you must meet to qualify for a degree.

Contact Us

For more information regarding the Pre-Seminary Studies Program, please contact the Director, Pastor Quinton Anderson.

Pastor Quinton Anderson
Assistant Vice President, Spiritual Life and Development
Doy & Dee Director of Pre-Seminary & Pre-Deaconess Studies
(949) 214-1111
[email protected]

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