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Pre-Seminary Studies: John Trinklein ’24

October 23, 2023 - 2 minute read

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Pre-Seminary Studies
John Trinklein ’24
Major: Theological Studies: Biblical Languages
Minor: Philosophy

After serving with my family as a missionary in Korea from the ages of 14-19, I began college as an accounting major. After returning to the United States, I attended Christ Lutheran Church in Phoenix, Arizona, where I volunteered and became close with the senior pastor. My time at Christ Lutheran Church is where my heart started being pulled into a career of church work. The Lord led me to Concordia where I began as a DCE major, which is a great entry point for anyone wanting to pursue church work. Eventually, after great conversations with my professors, advisors, and family, I switched to pre-seminary studies.

To me, one of the most valuable aspects of Concordia is that every faculty member is Christian. I know my professors will not only answer my questions but will, more importantly, help me grow in my faith and my ability to serve others. The Christ College professors share wisdom from their experiences, encourage me to keep an open mind, and point me to God’s Word to find His answers rather than pursue my own thoughts.

I’ve learned an invaluable lesson for ministry: less of me, more of God’s Word.


You don’t need to worry! God’s call is persistent and reaches whatever mire you are stuck in or self-made mountain top you have placed yourself upon. He pulls you out or brings you down and puts you where you belong: at the foot of the cross in the arms of Christ. Just stay in His Word and stay in conversation with the people He has placed in your life.


In my spare time, I enjoy calligraphy and book binding!


I was part of the ministry team that planned the Beautiful Feet Missions Conference hosted at Concordia. I enjoy meeting people through serving – friendships grow stronger when you are doing something meaningful.


  • Concordia Orchestra member (violin & viola)
  • Navajo Mission Trip
  • Abbey West, Missions & Service Coordinator
  • Battalion Bible Study co-leader

The Pre-Seminary Program

The Pre-Seminary Program equips future pastors with the training essential for seminary education and ministry. Pastors bring God’s gifts of Word and Sacrament to His people all over the world. With our outstanding faculty and the diverse context of Southern California, Concordia University Irvine is a great place to begin your preparation.

Questions? Contact Rev. Quinton Anderson at [email protected], (949) 214-3111. Or visit us online.

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