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How Much Will It Cost to Study Abroad?

Undergraduate Financial Aid



There are two different tuition structures, based on the program the student attends.

Regular CUI home school tuition
Regular CUI home school tuition is charged for the following programs:

Concordia Sponsored Programs

  • Australia - Curtin University - Perth
  • Austria - University of Salzburg - Salzburg
  • Ecuador – Living and Learning in Ecuador – Quito – (plus room and board)
  • England – Oxford University – Oxford – (plus room)
  • England – Westfield House - Cambridge - (plus room)
  • France – American School of Business in Paris - Paris
  • Germany – Leuphana University - Luneburg
  • Germany – Regensburg University - Regensburg
  • Greece – American College of Thessaloniki – Thessaloniki – (plus room)
  • Ireland – University College Dublin - Dublin
  • Scotland – University of Aberdeen - Aberdeen

* Student Fees of $375 plus a Study Abroad Fee of $200 is charged for Concordia Sponsored Programs and $500 for Third Party Programs.

Third Party Providers – most others

The program provider tuition is paid directly to the third party. - Study Abroad Fee of $500 is charged on Third Party programs

Living and Travel Expenses

Room and board costs are usually established by the program provider. For many programs room and board costs are lower than on campus at CUI, for some they are higher.

These costs vary greatly by program and according to each student's spending habits. The student who gets involved with local friends and activities and travels minimally and strategically can get by on much less than the student who spends most weekends traveling and shopping. Students should take into account exchange rates and the general cost of living in their host country. Living in London, for example, is generally more expensive than living in Los Angeles, while living in New Zealand or South Africa or Chile is generally less expensive. Estimated living costs for each program may be found on the Moon International Center.

Financial Aid & Study Abroad

The Moon International Center estimates costs for personal and travel expenses (e.g., airfare, passport fees, visa fees, personal expenses, additional travel, etc.) based on information from the program provider and other sources. After a student has been accepted to a particular study abroad program, the CUI Financial Aid office will adjust the student's financial aid budget on the basis of the cost sheet for that program. Students must continue to meet all federal regulations to be eligible for financial aid such as Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), be enrolled full time by Concordia’s standards (12 units), course work must count towards degree program, etc.(for more information see the Student General Catalogue). Each semester all financial aid recipients who are accepted to a study abroad program are required to meet with Financial Aid where they get more information on how study abroad may affect their financial aid.

For students who receive financial aid (e.g., grants and loans), the estimated family & student contribution (EFC) remains the same as it would be on campus, regardless of whether the cost of the overseas program is less or more than the cost of a semester or year on campus.

Example: A student plans to attend a program with a total cost (tuition and living expenses) of $20,000 for a semester. On campus the student's EFC is $10,000 per semester and the student receives $14,000 in grants and loans per semester. For the semester abroad the student's EFC of $10,000 remains the same, and the student will receive $10,000 in grants and loans. If the same student goes on a program with a total cost of $26,000 for a semester, the EFC remains the same, the student still receives $14,000 in grants and loans, but the loans may be adjusted between subsidized and unsubsidized.

Existing Scholarships & Study Abroad

All scholarships granted by CUI (other than athletic or program scholarships) and all outside scholarships may be applied to the cost of a semester or year-long Concordia Sponsored study abroad program. Tuition-based scholarships from CUI are adjusted proportionally according to the total tuition of the program to which the student is accepted. All scholarships must be reported to CUI Financial Aid, and all scholarships are factored into calculations of student need.

Scholarships for Study Abroad

Please check the Study Abroad Office website for information on scholarships for study abroad. Scholarships for study abroad in Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand are rather scarce. There tend to be more scholarships available for Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, and there are scholarships geared toward underrepresented students.

Tuition Remission & Study Abroad

For students who receive tuition remission, the amount of tuition remission is based on the total tuition of the program to which the student is accepted.

U.S. Government Scholarships

The National Security Education Program (NSEP) David L. Boren Scholarships offer a unique opportunity for U.S. undergraduates to study abroad. NSEP awards scholarships to American students for study of world regions critical to U.S. interests (including Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America & the Caribbean, and the Middle East). The countries of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are excluded.

You must be receiving Pell grants to be eligible to apply for a Gilman scholarship. Preference goes to applicants with high financial need, and those applying to study in countries outside Western Europe and Australia. Awards can be as high as $5,000. During the academic year, approximately 25 recipients will be eligible to receive a $3,000 Critical Need Language Supplement for a total possible award of up to $8,000. Critical Need Languages include: Arabic (all dialects), Chinese (all dialects), Korean, and Russian.

Private Scholarships

About 40 scholarships are awarded each semester to American students studying in Japan. The award amount for one semester is $2,500 and for one year is $4,000.

BUTEX awards £500 scholarships to students spending a semester or year in the UK. Recipients are selected based on their essay answer to the following question: Why should every student study abroad?

Other Scholarships

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa is pleased to sponsor this Study Abroad Grant competition. The society's Board of Directors encourages qualified undergraduates in all areas of study to apply. Each year, Phi Kappa Phi awards 50 Study Abroad grants of $1,000 each.

The Go Overseas scholarships are available to students currently enrolled in, or in the process of applying to, study abroad programs. Our largest scholarship is $1,000 and further information related to the application process can be found on the Go Overseas website at our Study Abroad Scholarship section below.

Scholarships for intensive summer overseas study in the critical need foreign languages of Arabic, Bangla/Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Turkish, and Urdu. The CLS Program provides fully-funded seven to ten week group-based intensive language instruction and extensive cultural enrichment experiences. Students of diverse disciplines and majors are encouraged to apply.

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