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Online Bachelor's Degrees


Online Bachelor's Degrees

At Concordia University Irvine, we know you play many roles in your life - you may be an Entrepreneur & an Artist, a Worker & a Learner, a Blogger & a Businesswoman, a Parent & a Volunteer. We also know that, because you juggle all these &s, your time is very valuable. As you consider advancing your education, you need an option that will fit into your life, on your time. Adding the role of student requires flexibility & affordability. You'll find that our online bachelor's degrees are convenient and very much tailored to the needs and unique capabilities of the adult learner. At Concordia University Irvine we recognize that you're seeking an education that will be relevant & valuable to you in the workplace.

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Most degree programs require a local site or campus through which you earn your degree, but that is not the case with online bachelor's degrees offered through Concordia University Irvine. With our flexible online delivery format, you can live and work anywhere and take all of your courses to earn your bachelor’s degree online.

The design of our online curriculum makes use of some of the most innovative techniques in distance learning today. But we also recognize that students in online programs benefit from periodic real-time sessions. That’s why each of your courses will include regularly scheduled class times with your professors and peers. In these two-hour online sessions, which are scheduled once during the first, third, fifth, and seventh weeks of each course, you and your classmates will participate in live lectures and discussions. This online delivery system provides the opportunity to engage with our excellent faculty and network with other students in your cohort, while still offering the flexibility of a fully online degree program.

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Faculty in the online bachelor's degree program are experts in their subject areas who care about your success. Regardless of which degree program you select, you can be confident that all online courses are skillfully designed by full-time faculty members who understand the dynamic learning needs of real students. Their experience and insight into educational service areas have built a reputation for excellence in the local community. Whatever your next steps may entail, you have a rich resource in Concordia faculty to help you grow professionally and prepare for your vocation in education.

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Tuition and fees.

When you maintain continuous enrollment the tuition will remain the same throughout the program. Tuition does not include the price of textbooks.

Tuition/Fee Cost
Application Fee $50
Graduation Fee Graduation Fee
Tuition/unit (New Students Summer/Fall '24 / Spring '25) $495
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