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Class Schedules

Office of the Registrar

NOTICE: The master course schedules on this page have been revised, and individual programs no longer have their own schedules. Schedules listed below are grouped by program degree level, and course listings are sorted in the following order:

  • By school
  • By program degree level
  • By part-of-term start and end dates (postbaccalaureate courses and above)
  • By course prefix, number, and section

Helpful tips: Use CTRL + F to find a specific course prefix. When viewing a schedule of course listings, refresh your browser to make sure that the latest version is being displayed.

Schedules are generally available two or three weeks before registration begins. Check back regularly for the latest updates.

Look up all courses in real time via MyRecords.

Undergraduate Courses (Traditional/Nursing/Online Bachelor’s Degree)

Doctoral/Graduate/Postbaccalaureate Courses

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