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Final Exam Schedule

Office of the Registrar

Final Exam Week

The class period during final exam week is part of the credit hour(s) of each for-credit undergraduate and post-baccalaureate teacher credential course, whether in person, synchronous online, or a hybrid of these modalities. Instructors of these courses are required to meet with students during the scheduled final exam class period for each course. This class period may be used to administer a final examination or have students give final presentations; it may also be used for summative instruction, course debriefing if students have already submitted a final project, or another relevant culminating experience. Each in-person course will meet in its regularly scheduled classroom and synchronous online courses will meet online as usual. The Registrar's Office sets and communicates the final exam schedule each semester.

Students in these courses are required to attend the scheduled final exam class period for their courses and sections. Instructors are not required to offer an alternative final exam class period for a student because that student's personal schedule (e.g., travel plans, work schedule, preference) conflicts with the scheduled final exam class period that has been posted before the start of the semester. It is the student's responsibility to attend the scheduled final exam class period in order to take the final examination, make the final presentation, or engage in that course's culminating educational experience. If an emergency arises (e.g., hospitalization, house fire, flood) that prevents the student from being able to attend a final exam class period, the student is to communicate with her/his instructor immediately to make appropriate arrangements to fulfill the requirements of that final exam class period. A student with three final examinations and/or presentations scheduled on the same day may appeal in writing, prior to the final exam week, to one of the three instructors or to the appropriate dean, who may reschedule one of those final exam class periods for that student to another day that final exam week.

Exam times correspond to the first meeting day of your scheduled class. For example, if you are registered for MTH 301 that meets at 1535-1650 on Tuesdays (T) and Thursdays, you would find 3:35 pm TR on the grid. The final would be on Tuesday at 3:00 pm.

Final exams are held in the same classroom as the course. There may still be conflicts in your exam schedule. If you have a conflict, please speak to your instructor(s) to make appropriate arrangements to take your exam(s).

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