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Graduate Program Registration

Office of the Registrar

Graduate Program Registration Information

Refer to the Academic Calendar for specific registration dates for the upcoming semester. Your academic advisor will provide you with more information regarding the courses you need for graduation and can help provide registration assistance should you have any questions

Special Note on Holds

All students must clear holds placed on their student records. Students with holds will not be permitted to make changes to class schedules or register for the next semester. Additionally, financial holds will prevent degrees from being evaluated for conferral. Holds may be placed on your account at any time so check for holds periodically.

Steps to check and clear holds:

  1. Go to MyRecords to check for holds placed by the Bursar’s office, Campus Safety, Financial Aid, Registrar’s office, or Wellness Center.
  2. Click on MY STUDENT BILL
  3. Click MY HOLDS
  4. Select appropriate section (financial aid, student accounts, etc.)
  5. Clear your hold prior to coming to campus by contacting the department responsible for the hold:
    • Bursar’s Office (949) 214-3075 (Grimm Hall North, first floor)
    • Financial Aid (949) 214-3066 (Grimm Hall North, second floor)
    • Wellness Center (949) 214-3102 (Grimm Student Union, first floor by the mail room)
    • Registrar’s Office (949) 214-3079 (Grimm Hall North, first floor)
    • Campus Safety (949) 214-3000 (Admin Bldg, room 100)

Office hours are M-F 8:00am – 4:30pm

Register Online

Use the Master Course Schedule to find course offerings for each semester. Be sure to follow registration instructions from your Academic Advisor when selecting courses. Students will enroll using MyRecords on their registration day.

Schedule Changes

Schedule changes may be made online through MyRecords or by form during the first two weeks of the semester or during the first week for terms shorter than 15 weeks. Most registration forms are located on the Registrar’s Office website. Refer to the policy on Adding, Dropping, and Withdrawing from classes for details. The Academic Calendar lists registration deadlines for each term.

Add/Drop/Withdrawal Policy & Deadlines

Adding Courses – Full-semester courses may only be added during the first two weeks of the semester, and during the first week for shorter terms. Approval is required after the first week and may be obtained via registration form.

Dropping or Withdrawing from Courses – Full-semester courses may be dropped without record of enrollment during the first two weeks of the semester and during the first week for shorter terms. From week 3 through week 11, courses may be withdrawn from with a “W” with the approval of your advisor. NO COURSES MAY BE WITHDRAWN FROM AFTER WEEK 11.

For tuition penalties/refund information for dropping after the first day of classes, view here.
It is the student’s responsibility to officially drop/withdraw from a course, non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal. Students should not assume that the university will drop/withdraw them for non-payment of fees or for non-attendance. Visit the Registrar’s Office for assistance dropping or withdrawing from courses.

Deadlines – Registration deadlines are strictly enforced. It is CUI policy that students may not petition because of missed deadlines. Please check the academic calendar for add/drop/withdrawal and graduation application deadlines. If you are unable to make changes online, submit the necessary forms to the Registrar’s Office to make schedule changes. Unless otherwise stated, all forms must be complete and are due by 4:30pm (PDT) on the deadline.

Registration Helpful Hints

  • All pre-requisites must be met before you may enroll in a course. Pre-requisites may be viewed in the Academic Catalog on the Registrar’s webpage.
  • If you are planning to register for two courses with conflicting meeting times, you must complete a Time Conflict Form before you will be able to enroll in these courses. Forms are available on the Registrar’s Office website.

Waitlist Guidelines

Some courses have a waitlist option. View the Instructions to Add to a Waitlist for a step by step guide.

How it works: As seats open up in the class, the student has 24 hours to log into MyRecords to self-enroll in the course. If you do not take action during the allotted 24 hour period, you will lose your spot on the waitlist and the next student on the list will be offered the open seat. Be sure to check your Eagles email daily so you do not miss out on a spot in the class.

After week 2 of the semester, if you're still on a waitlist and you have not been added to the class, you will automatically be removed from all of your waitlisted courses for that semester.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected]

View Student Information

Students may view details about their academic record on MyRecords. They may view unofficial transcripts and perform a degree audit to track progress toward degree completion. Students may also view their major, minor, class level, and advisor.

Academic Advisors

Advisors are available to answer questions about class schedules and graduation plans. You will receive your advisor’s contact information upon acceptance to the university.

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