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Effective July 1, 2016, Concordia University will no longer be accepting credit/debit cards as a form of payment for any student account related charges, including tuition, fees, and housing, food plans if applicable.

The University conducted a thorough analysis of the cost which will be incurred if credit/debit card payments continue to be accepted. Concordia University determined that the acceptance of credit/debit cards as a form of payment for student account related charges should be eliminated to ensure that continuing cost increases do not impact funding available for University programs that benefit our students.

Students have a number of payment options, including electronic checks, cash, check by mail, wire transfer, payment plans, and international fund transfers. Students who previously used credit/debit card payments for long-term financing of educational costs are encouraged to work with the Bursar’s Office staff to determine if more cost-effective financing options are available.

As this important policy change goes into effect, The Bursar’s office staff is available to assist you. Students are encouraged to work with our staff if they need assistance with education financing related questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did Concordia University Irvine transition away from credit card payments for student account expenses such as tuition, room, meal, and fees?

The rising cost of credit card processing fees significantly impacts our operational budget. This impacts the university’s ability to provide student services and programs.

2. When does this change take effect?

July 1, 2016. Until then, the university will continue to accept payments via credit/debit card.

3. Why doesn’t Concordia University Irvine negotiate a better deal with the credit card companies?

The university has already negotiated the best possible deal with the credit card companies.

4. What does Concordia University Irvine plan to do with the money saved by not accepting credit card payments?

These funds will protect the university’s ability to provide student services and programs.

5. What payment options do I have now?

The University accepts checks, cash, money order, wire transfer, and payment plans. Concordia University Irvine offers interest-free payment plans. For detailed information please go to

6. Am I able to use credit/debit card checks to pay tuition?

Yes, so long as the check has printed on it a routing number and an account number, but be aware that such checks are considered cash advances and come with steep interest rates. Please contact your credit/debit card company for details.

7. Can I use my credit/debit cards to pay for fall charges on my student account before July 1, 2016?

Yes, student account balances may be paid by credit/debit card until July 1, 2016.

8. Are credit/debit cards still accepted in retail areas on campus, such as the University Bookstore and Computer Store?


9. Can I still use my credit/debit card to order transcripts?


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