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Instrument Auditions

The Orchestra Program* at Concordia (encompassing bands and orchestras) welcomes students with strong musical resumes (honor ensemble appointments, soloists) who are also applying at other top music schools/conservatories. Each year, numerous students select Concordia instead of other fine institutions, attracted to the outstanding repertoire performed, performance opportunities at a variety of venues, travel opportunities, and recording sessions.

The Orchestra Program also welcomes students who have a strong desire to play in a major touring/recording ensemble but may not be as advanced in their musical development. Concordia is a rich environment for rapid progress resulting in significant contributions in our ensembles from these students, many of whom are not music majors.

Almost every student from either of the above descriptions will receive a music scholarship to perform in the orchestra program, amounts will vary. Those that do not are receiving other scholarships so significant that we may not be able to offer additional music funds. Please do not make this assumption though - every student interested in participating in the Concordia Orchestras program should audition for a music scholarship.

Auditions on woodwind, brass, string, percussion, and harp are eligible for orchestra scholarships. Pianists intending to play with the orchestra should indicate that in their piano audition and may be assigned to the orchestra in any given semester as a condition of their piano scholarship.

Auditions are accepted in person or remotely. Please be advised that in person auditions tend to offer a more complete impression of your musicianship, character, and level of commitment toward progress on your instrument. Campus visits are strongly encouraged.

The Audition:

  1. Perform an audition on your instrument.
    • Play a prepared solo, etude, or excerpts of band/orchestra music (solo preferred). Please select a portion consisting of four minutes or less that best represents the edge of your musical abilities, meaning it took significant preparation to become performance-ready.
    • Play up to 3 excerpts from the excerpt lists below.
  2. Interview with the Director of Orchestral Activities: We will discuss your academic/musical goals, your musical upbringing, and your various musical and non-musical activities. This also is a time to learn about the culture of Concordia, the music major (if interested), and upcoming highlights (like future tours you might be a part of).

If auditioning online: Video-record the performance portion of the audition in advance. Upload it to YouTube or another video provider and email a link to [email protected]. The Director of Orchestral Activities will review it before the online meeting is scheduled.

Questions about scheduling your audition? [email protected] (949)214-3419
For instrumental music information: [email protected] (949)214-3420

*Please note that the “Orchestra Program” includes the Concordia Wind Orchestra, Concordia Symphony Orchestra, and Concordia Sinfonietta. Students who have only performed in a band in school, by all means, are fully eligible for music scholarships. The Concordia Wind Orchestra is our concert wind band.


Alto Sax
Bass Clarinet
Flute & Piccolo
String Bass
Tenor Sax

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