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Are you interested in auditioning for a music scholarship?

Music scholarships, in concert with other financial aid offers, can account for 40-100% of your tuition. Our full range of music scholarships are available to full-time students from any major. Join our tight-knit community and rehearse, practice, and record in our new facility, the Borland-Manske Center. To apply, simply share your experience as a musician with Concordia’s music faculty through our scholarship interest form and then schedule an audition. Scholarship funding for Fall 2024 is available.

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Visit Opportunities for Student-Musicians

  • If you are planning a campus visit, please connect with [email protected] in advance or text 619-995-0256 and we can arrange a brief meeting with a faculty member and/or student.
  • We are happy to provide our prospective students and parents complimentary tickets to Concordia concerts*. Please email [email protected] to request tickets at least 24 hours in advance.
    *Please note that complimentary tickets for Christmas concerts are limited on a first come first served basis.

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*complimentary tickets for Christmas concerts are limited to a first-come-first-served basis.

We want to hear from you!

A Special Message for Those Who Do Not Consider Themselves Top-Level Musicians

Are you committed to improving as a musician and being a valuable member of a musical community? If yes to both, please don’t be intimidated by music auditions. We welcome you! If you’ve never played or sung alone before an audience, please mention this when you schedule your audition. Some of the most important musicians in our ensembles today were not advanced musicians when they started at Concordia. The growth you will experience in a college ensemble and private lessons is stunningly rapid! If you enjoy being in performing ensembles, we want to hear from you!

Apply for Scholarships

Awarding Music Scholarships

The Music Department at Concordia University Irvine will not issue any music scholarship until you have received an offer for admission. Please complete your undergraduate application in a timely fashion. Music scholarship offers will be sent via email using your Eagles email address. Once you have accepted your offer and have made your deposit, please respond to your music scholarship offer via email.

The following factors will be considered by faculty when determining award amount:

  • Most needed musical skill sets
  • Level of proficiency
  • Leadership potential
  • Service
  • Amount of need-based awards
  • Amount of other institutional aid

Please note that if other institutional aid changes after a music/theatre award is extended, the award amount may have to be reconsidered as we have to meet tuition discount targets.

Music/Theatre scholarships renew at the same dollar amount annually, as long as students remain in good standing in their performance groups.

Note: Concordia University irvine is a Collegiate Partner of Lutheran Summer Music Academy. Any alumnus of that outstanding training ground for high school students will receive an annual, renewable bonus of $1,000 added to any music scholarship amount awarded (this will, over time, pay for the LSM Academy as well as some extra Concordia tuition).

Ensemble Placement

All students with music scholarships will be internally registered in required ensembles, classes and/or private lessons before the first term of enrollment. This is done so that you cannot be registered for conflicting classes. Please note that all students are fully in control of their class registrations and have until Census Date (app. 2 weeks into the semester) to change enrollments.

In the first week of attendance, some areas will require placement auditions to determine your exact choir, worship band, jazz ensemble, etc. Please visit the Music department in the Borland-Manske Center for details when you arrive on campus for new student orientation.

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