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Secondary Education

CBEST – California Basic Educational Skills Test

This four-hour test consists of three sub-tests: reading, mathematics, and writing. A passing score on all subtests is an admission requirement into the Teacher Credential program for all applicants. Registration for CBEST is online by selecting “CBEST.” Study guides are available in most bookstores.

Note: Students who meet the minimum score requirements on specific SAT, ACT, or AP Math and English exams will satisfy the Basic Skills requirement and will therefore not need to pass the CBEST before being admitted to the School of Education. These scores may be found here.

As of February 2018, the minimum scores are as follows:

  • SAT: 550 Math, 500 English (Critical Reading Section)
  • ACT: 23 Math, 22 English
  • AP Calculus AB, Calculus BC, or Statistics: 3
  • AP English Language and Composition or English Literature and Composition: 3

Students may not combine scores from different tests (such as SAT Math and AP English) toward this substitution. Both the Math and English requirements must be satisfied by the same type of exam.

Official score reports must be sent to the Registrar’s Office at CUI. The student should notify the Credential Analyst at CUI that their scores are available for verification that the Basic Skills requirement has been met. Otherwise, the student will need to pass the CBEST prior to being accepted to the School of Education.

Single Subject

Subject matter competence can be demonstrated in two ways:

  1. The most common means for demonstrating subject matter competence is through examination. In California, this examination is the CSET. Single subject candidates take the CSET examination that aligns with their subject area. For instance, if you are planning to be a single subject history teacher, you will take the CSET social science examination. Each single subject exam is broken into subtests that may be taken individually, in pairs, or all at one time.
  2. Demonstrate subject matter competence by successfully completing an undergraduate subject matter preparation program approved by the State of California.

TPA: Teacher Performance Assessment

During Student Teaching you will be completing the TPA. The TPA is comprised of two performance tasks. Each task measures a range of teaching strategies that you are learning during your credential coursework.

You begin preparation for this assessment in EDUC/EDSP 204 and continue throughout your coursework. In other words, Concordia prepares you to complete these tasks. You are well aware of, and prepared for, all the elements of each task before you attempt the tasks. Most of your course assignments will have elements of the TPA tasks incorporated into them.

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