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Teacher Credential Program

Blended format * 7-15 week courses

Our California Teacher Credential program can be described as Rich, Rigorous, and Rewarding. The rich learning environment, whether on campus or online, offers deep and meaningful learning experiences. Our rigorous courses are designed to provide you with best practices and experience with the most current trends in education today. Our rewarding program prepares you to fulfill your calling.

For students entering without a bachelor’s degree, our traditional Undergraduate Education Program offers many of the same programs leading to a credential.

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Blended Instruction

Blended courses feature both face-to-face and online learning.

Our Block I blended schedule allows students to come to campus two evenings a week for face-to-face classes (three evenings a week for summer session I). Block I classes are paired and alternate between face-to-face and synchronous, online content each week.

Online Instruction

This delivery system was designed to meet the needs of students who prefer the flexibility provided by an online program.

  • Ability to interact with content, your instructor, and with other students.
  • No required face-to-face sessions within the course.
  • No requirements for on-campus activity.
  • Both synchronous and asynchronous lessons. Credential courses provide synchronous sessions every other week, and non-credential courses are asynchronous throughout the program.
  • Both formal and informal learning communities.

Programs Offered

Student Teaching Semester

During student teaching you are one member of a team. You will be working closely with your cooperating teachers, school site personnel, and your university Supervisor once you are placed at a local school within Orange County for a full day experience for a full public school semester - approximately 18 weeks.

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