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Purpose and Outcomes

Teacher Credential Program

Preliminary Credential Program Purpose

Mission of School of Education

To prepare servant leaders who transform lives through innovative and exceptional educational practices to positively impact local and global communities.

Vision of School of Education

To be a distinguished school of education that attracts, equips, and supports servant leaders for today’s public and private schools.

Core Values Embraced by the School of Education

  • Christ-like Service
    • Loving, Dignified, Respectful
  • Personalized Attention
    • Relational, Supportive, Authentic
  • Effective Communication
    • Timely, Accurate, Clear
  • Stellar Instruction and Relevant Curriculum
    • Scholarly, Practice-Based, Innovation
  • Community and Alumni Partnerships
    • Strategic, Reciprocal, Collaborative

Preliminary Credential Program Outcomes

The teacher candidate plans and delivers instruction. The teacher candidate plans and delivers engaging, developmentally appropriate instruction based on the California Content Standards. The teacher candidate incorporates a variety of teaching strategies and resources to make the subject matter accessible and engaging to the needs of diverse students.

The teacher candidate uses assessment for a variety of purposes. The teacher candidate designs and interprets a variety of assessments, and also uses assessment data to plan instruction, monitor instruction, design and monitor the classroom environment, learn about and place students. In addition the teacher candidate uses reflective practice as a means of self assessment.

The teacher candidate provides a supportive learning environment. The teacher candidate creates a positive social environment and a safe and welcoming physical environment that supports learning for all students. The teacher candidate uses instructional time wisely and efficiently.

The teacher candidate models a servant-leadership lifestyle. The teacher candidate models servant-leadership, exhibits a professional attitude and communicates effectively with students, families and school personnel. The teacher candidate is aware of and carries out legal and ethical responsibilities.

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