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Teaching Courses

During your time at Concordia University Irvine we want you to get the best experiences for becoming an outstanding teacher. To do this we give you the opportunity to start working with students from K-12 starting in your first class EDUC 101, Introduction to Teaching. You will continue with placements through EDSP/EDUC 204, EDSP/EDUC 480 and culminate with your student teaching experience.

The Placement Office of the School of Education will contact districts and schools in Orange County for you for all placements after EDSP/EDUC 204 and EDUC/EDSP 480. We will try to handle requests as best as we can, but cannot guarantee placement in any particular school or district.

Student Teaching is the culminating experience of the credential program. This is a full-time experience in one or two classroom settings for an entire semester (approximately 16-18 weeks). Generally, Fall student teaching ends mid-January and Spring student teaching ends mid-June. Multiple subject candidates may gain experience in an upper and lower grade level setting. Education Specialist candidates will have two student teaching placements in different EDSP settings. Single subject candidates typically complete their assignment at one school site and experience two different levels or courses in their discipline.

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Questions? Send an email here or call at 949-214-3350.

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