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Registering for Concordia Courses While Abroad

1. Pick your Courses

If times allows, consult with your advisor prior to departure about the courses you need and plan to take the semester after you return from study abroad. Create a list of alternative courses as a backup plan just in case the courses you originally choose are filled up before you register. Understanding what graduation, major, and minor requirements your study abroad courses will fulfill can help clarify which courses you still need to take.

2. Contact your Advisor if you have any Questions

If you have any questions about what classes you need to take, you should contact your department or college advisor. Prior to departure, touch base with your advisor about registration requirements and advising. Make sure you have your advisor's contact information with you.

3. Check your Registration Eligibility

With your ID, log into MyRecords to check your registration eligibility. This screen will tell you when you'll be able to register and if you have any holds that will prevent you from registering. Since holds may be added at any time, you should check your Registration Eligibility prior to registering. Visit the Registrar's website for more information.

4. Clear ALL Holds

If Registration Eligibility lists any holds, you should contact the appropriate office immediately to clear the holds. Any hold can block you from registering in MyRecords or suspend your current registration. Knowing the holds on your registration and resolving any problems prior to studying abroad will help prevent any possible complications or problems while abroad.

5. Unable to Access MyRecords

If you cannot access the MyRecords website, contact your academic advisor and request that he or she registers for you. The Moon International Center cannot register students for courses.

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