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Leuphana University of Lüneburg

Culture, sustainability, entrepreneurship, and education – these are the four thematic focuses in research and teaching through which Leuphana University of Lüneburg addresses the future of social commitment to civil society in the 21st century.

Undergraduate studies at Leuphana follow an award-winning study model that is unique in the German academic landscape. Challenging, open, lively, and sustainable; Leuphana College offers students a diversely integrated, interdisciplinary bachelor’s program that allows students to think far beyond disciplinary boundaries. At the Graduate School, students can choose from various master’s programs with possibilities for interdisciplinary specialization. You can start preparing for your doctoral studies either while still being a master’s student or right after completion of your master’s studies. The Professional School offers those having already joined the job market a wide range of continuing education programs.

Lüneburg, which is located between Hamburg and Hanover, has a history going back more than 1050 years and is one of the most fascinating cities in Northern Germany. Its historic brick Gothic architecture sets an attractive counterpoint to the vibrating and modern city life. In the Second World War, Lüneburg escaped destruction and retained a superbly preserved medieval town – one of the reasons why Lüneburg was re-awarded the title of “Hanseatic City” in October 2007. Wherever visitors venture into the city center, they can feel the history of the city. The most valuable asset throughout Lüneburg's history was salt. It was extracted from the groundwater of local salines for over 1000 years, and the trade of what at the time was called “white gold” brought wealth and prestige to the city in the Middle Ages. Today, the traffic-calmed city center invites visitors to linger; a great number of well-assorted specialist shops in historic buildings featuring steep gables provide extensive shopping opportunities, and many cafés and pubs open their doors to visitors every day. In addition, the bars situated at Stint and in Schröderstraße offer a varied nightlife.

A must for every visitor is the annual Christmas Market in front of the festively illuminated gabled façades of the City Hall.

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