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University College Dublin

University College Dublin is Ireland's largest and most richly diversified university. The university provides a broad range of Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degrees in subjects grouped into seven colleges (College of Agriculture, College of Food Science and Veterinary Medicine, College of Arts and Celtic Studies, College of Business and Law, College of Engineering and Architecture, College of Health Sciences and College of Human Sciences and College of Science).

UCD traces its origins to the Catholic University of Ireland, founded in 1854 by Cardinal John Henry Newman, author of the celebrated "The Idea of a University." Since then, the university has played a central role in Ireland's advancement as a dynamic and highly successful European state and has established a long and distinguished tradition of service to scholarship and the Irish and international community.

Today, UCD is a vibrant, modern university of over 24,000 students (including almost 5,000 international students) situated on a spacious and leafy campus 5 km to the south of Dublin's city center. UCD offers a lively campus community in which to live and study. The university has modern buildings and first-class academic and sporting facilities. UCD has a busy extracurricular life, and students are encouraged to become actively involved in the wide range of social, cultural, and sporting activities available.

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