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Getting Started

Veterans Resource Center

We’re here to assist you as you advance toward your goal to graduate with a degree.

  1. Contact the VRC Director to ask about your entitlement, options, and best ways to maximize your benefits: 949-214-3129 or at [email protected].

  2. Apply for admission to Concordia University Irvine

  3. Submit official transcripts from all prior colleges, universities, and training institutes that you have attended. This includes previous military training. If you have completed any Prior Learning Assessments (PLA), such as CLEP or DSST, have transcripts delivered directly to Concordia University Irvine's records office. For Undergraduate students, we can accept unofficial high school and college transcripts, however, we need all official transcripts before we can articulate your courses and create a graduation plan before you enroll.

    Submit your military transcripts with your admissions application. You may be eligible for college credit from going to your military schools (basic training, fielding of equipment, pathfinder, MOS/AIT, etc.) If you are currently active duty, reserve or national guard, you should request new transcripts to be sent to Concordia University Irvine after each military school you attend. Click on the following links to access your military transcripts:

    Mail To:
    Concordia University Office of the Registrar
    1530 Concordia West
    Irvine, CA 92612

  4. Complete the Free Application for Federal and Student Aid (FAFSA) at Though optional, ROTC and U.S. military veterans are encouraged to apply for free as you may be eligible for grants and / or loans. Veterans education benefits do not count as income in determining your eligibility for Federal Financial Aid (Concordia's school code 013885). For more information contact the Financial Aid Office.

    **If you are a veteran of the Armed Forces it changes your dependency status to Independent. If this is the only thing making you an Independent (i.e. you are under 24, not married, have no dependents, etc.), we must confirm that you are a veteran by obtaining a copy of your DD-214.

  5. Apply for educational benefits:
    • Veterans applying for the first time: VA form 22-1990
    • Dependents (ch33 Post 9/11) applying for their first time: VA form 22-1990e
    • Dependents (ch 35 & FRY) applying for their first time: VA form 22-5490
      • Do this early as it can take 3-5 weeks to receive your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) by letter mail. If you have any questions, call the VA at 888-442-4551. Press 1, press 0.
      • If you have previously applied for benefits this step can be skipped. Provide the Veterans Service Office with a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility. If you are a transfer student, complete one of the following forms:

    • *You may be entitled for the GI Bill ®, however, you must still apply for it and receive your Certificate of Eligibility (COE).

      **For dependents using the Ch 33 Transfer of Entitlement, the sponsor must transfer benefits through the DoD website, while still actively serving. The dependent will receive an award letter in about 3-5 weeks, at which point, they can apply for the Ch 33 benefits through the VA.

  6. Register for classes: Undergraduate students who have been accepted can follow the next steps found at

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