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We were not intended to live compartmentalized lives where our studies, personal relationships, and faith are neatly categorized in separate boxes. Wittenberg Hall is ideal for students who desire to be more connected to a community in meaningful ways where faith in Christ is a natural aspect of life lived together. This Living Learning Community is designed to create the informal space and opportunity to explore more deeply and discuss in the context of community those intersections of faith and life.


Wittenberg combines academic and social activities that include dialogue with guest speakers, holiday celebrations, book discussions, bible studies, service projects, and shared meals with professors and peers. Events are open to all students, faculty, and staff. Join us in Kappa!

Faculty in Residence Bio

Quinton Anderson has served as the Lead Pastor at Concordia University Irvine since 2009. In 2013, he and his wife Summer moved on campus with their boys Kaden and Jonah to start Wittenberg Hall. A few years later, daughter Hope came along to join in on the adventure.

The opportunity to move on campus and build a unique community with Concordia students was an easy decision as Concordia has always been a part of their life together. Both from Southern California, Quinton (San Diego) and Summer (Riverside) met as Concordia students in 1997, graduating in 2000 and 2001 respectively.

Marrying in 2001, Quinton’s pastoral schooling took them from Orange County to St. Louis, Missouri as well as Bay City, Michigan. Earning an MDiv from Concordia Seminary in 2006, Quinton was first called to serve as a pastor in Denver, Colorado, where he developed a great love for the mountains (biking, hiking and climbing). While the mountains may not be as close or as tall now, he is always ready to join in on life in the great outdoors. Quinton also continues life as a student as he currently works towards his Doctorate in Discipleship for the 21st Century.

Summer has served as a Lutheran elementary school teacher in a number of grades from Kindergarten through sixth. She currently works as the Community Manager at, and loves to volunteer in her children’s classrooms and at church. She loves engaging in life with students on campus, and is always up for an adventure, some coffee and good conversation.

Besides life on campus with the students, one of the Anderson’s greatest ministry joys is leading Concordia’s Hungary mission trip as a family every other year; taking new groups of students to not only see beautiful cities and experience wonderful cultures, but to build deep and lasting relationships with Hungarian students and impact their lives with the transformative gospel of Jesus Christ.

Beyond the above adventures, “normal life” is filled with Nerf gun wars, basketball, and plenty of soccer in the quad (mixing in some unicorns and tu-tus, of course).

The Anderson Family

The Anderson Family
Quinton, Summer, Kaden, Jonah, and Hope

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