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Bella Amore

A community of women engaging in thoughtful conversation, developing meaningful connections, and exploring their impact upon society.

Faculty in Residence

Dr. Kristen Koenig teaches sociology in Concordia’s Behavioral Sciences major and is the Faculty in Residence of Bella Amore. She completed her Master’s degree at Oxford University and her Doctorate of Philosophy at the University of York, England. Dr. Koenig’s true passion is encouraging students to critically think about the world around them. In Bella Amore, Dr. Koenig nurtures a community of Concordia women to grow in confidence in their faith and in their own vocational callings. Casual conversations over pizza (“Bella Family Meals”), community events (“Lego Your Stress”), and more formal academic conversations (“Taco Talks”) offer moments to live, talk, eat and pray together. This year Dr. Koenig is launching a new monthly series titled “Blast from the Bella Past.” These talks will bring back Bella Amore Alumni to discuss their professional and personal callings post graduation. Dr. Koenig lives on campus with her husband, Paul, and their sons, Oliver, Elliot and Emerson.

Kristen Koenig

Dr. Kristen Koenig
Bella Amore, LLC Faculty in Residence

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