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Bella Amore LLC is a community of women engaged in critical conversation and thinking about what is right, pure lovely, and admirable. The core focus of the Bella Amore LLC is to engender various opportunities to encourage students to explore their multiple callings as women, students, and scholars.


Monthly events in this Living Learning Community create informal opportunities to engage in discussion, reflection, and encouragement. Much of the academic conversations at Bella Amore take the form of “Taco Talks” with faculty coming alongside students to discuss contemporary issues and topics affecting both individuals and institutions. Academic and religious perspectives provide the foundation for reflecting on a range of subjects, from facing mental health challenges to overcoming political divisiveness. Guest speakers and panels offer the opportunity for residents to discuss these topics as well as provide the space to more informally engage with Concordia faculty.

Several events also exist for times of fellowship and stress relief, including Color Me Calm, Lego Your Stress, BBQs, and Game Night. Events are open to all students, faculty, and staff. Join us in Omicron!

Faculty in Residence Bio

Dr. Kristen Koenig is our current FIR for Bella Amore. She has served in the LLC since 2013 with her husband Paul Hartley and their three sons Oliver, Elliot and Emerson. As a sociologist, Dr. Koenig teaches extensively about society, roles, inequality and social problems in America (as well as across the Globe). She harnesses the tools and concepts of sociology to engage Bella residents with the notion of “a women’s community” not in a happenstance manner, but one that illuminates our illusions and common sense, replacing them with an objective study and better understanding of women and gender in today’s world. Dr. Koenig enjoys the opportunity to engage students in this conservation in and amongst their daily activities and life, and offer some light hearted enjoyment along the way.

The Hartley Family

The Hartley Family
Paul, Kristen, Oliver, Elliot, and Emerson

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