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The Global Village Living Learning Community is a community for international and internationally minded students. It provides a cross-cultural experience for students who are interested in broadening their understanding of world issues and cultures while living on the CUI campus. Global Village brings together international and domestic students to live and learn in a joint environment.


Welcome to the Neighborhood! Located in CUI’s most unique residence hall (Lambda), Global Village possesses a character unto its own with a southwest themed quad and an eclectic lounge. The Global Village setting is ideal for students planning to study abroad, students who have studied abroad, for international and exchange students, as well as any student who is interested in world affairs. Activities may include​ ​dinners with faculty members to discuss global issues, celebrating international holidays, guest speakers on global events and culture, foreign/exotic food nights, international film screenings, community service activities, and cultural outings to experience American and foreign culture. Events are open to all students, faculty, and staff. Join us in Lambda!

Faculty in Residence Bio

Dr. Caleb and Mrs. Jennifer Karges both spent much of their twenties living abroad and are excited to work with the students of Global Village. Aside from their love of international and domestic travel, the Kargeses are avid hikers and enjoying building relationships around the dinner table. They also strive to make Global Village one of the most welcoming places on campus and a generally nice place to live.

Dr. Caleb Karges was born in Southern California, but was raised in the windy, dry shadow of the Sierras of Northern Nevada. He received his BA in History from Concordia University Irvine in 2009, and consequently is familiar with dorm life at the university. He also possesses firsthand experience of being an international student from his time spent in graduate school at the University of St Andrews, where he completed his MLitt and PhD in Modern History. During his time abroad he lived not only at the university in Scotland but he also lived in London and Vienna. Caleb is a native English speaker, is proficient in German, and also knows a number of random and mostly useless phrases and words in several other European languages.

Mrs. Jenn Karges was born to a missionary family and later a missionary herself. She has lived on three continents. She was born in South Dakota but spent her childhood in Canada before her parents took a call to serve in Ukraine. Her family then alternated between Iowa and Florida until she enrolled for her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at Concordia University Nebraska. After completing her degree, Jenn served as a missionary in Kazakhstan for four years and worked with orphans, college students learning English, and later in an international school before she moved to work as a missionary in Mongolia for an additional year. Jenn has experience running English clubs, and she loves working with non-native speakers. Aside from her native tongue of English, Jenn can speak Russian along with a smattering of Kazakh and Mongolian.

Titus Karges joined the Global Village family in November 2017. In his short life he has seen several states and has been to Central Europe. He loves meeting new people, Thomas the Tank Engine, exploring national parks, and especially enjoys being around college students. His birthday is one of the highlights of life in Global Village.

Edelina Karges joined the Global family in June of 2019. Even though she is a year and a half younger than her brother that has not stopped her from exploring the USA, its national parks, and from joining the ATW team in Austria and Hungary. She always has a friendly wave for students.

The Karges Family

The Karges Family
Caleb, Jennifer, Titus, and Edelina

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