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LLC Model

Concordia University’s LLCs provide a holistic approach to student development and learning through academic partnerships, and service-learning opportunities. Each community is uniquely designed to facilitate meaningful connections between peers and among students, faculty, and staff. Students may seek to participate in one of the four common interest communities and one transition community. With five different communities, we seek to provide all of our students the opportunity to experience a seamless learning environment in our residential areas.

Common Interest Communities

These four communities (located in the Upper Quads) are not tied to a specific major but house students who are connected through common values and shared interests. Faculty and students engage in intentional conversation and experiences that align with each LLC mission.

Two girls in dorm talking

Bella Amore Logo Icon

Bella Amore

A community of women engaged in critical conversation about what is true, noble, right, pure and admirable.

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Students chatting on the stairs of Global Village

Global Village Logo Icon

Global Village

A community of men and women interested in broadening their understanding of world issues and cultures while living on the CUI campus.

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Students laughing

Honors Logo Icon


A community for students enrolled in our Honors Program who want to participate in academic enrichment and service opportunities, while building relationships with fellow students, faculty and staff.

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Students smiling

Wittenberg Logo Icon


A community for men and women who desire to be more connected in meaningful ways where faith in Christ is a natural aspect of life lived together.

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