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Honors LLC students are devoted to adorning their shared living community with the virtues consistent with the scholarly mission of our Lutheran liberal arts heritage. This heritage includes, from its very inception in the educational reforms of Luther’s day, a shared space of family residence with both students and faculty – residential community learning is about students and family living and learning together. Residents demonstrate their devotion to the ideals of liberal education.


The Honors Living Learning Community is the central community for our university’s honors students. The Honors LLC prioritizes incoming and current students who have applied and been accepted into CUI’s Honors Program. (See CUI Honors for the CUI Honors application process.) Current CUI Honors students are encouraged to apply, particularly those who wish to serve as models and mentors for their younger peers.

Once accepted, to remain a resident of the Honors LLC, a student must remain in good academic standing and be an active, honorable citizen in the Honors LLC.


A variety of academic and social activities are programmed each year that engage the life of scholars, including, scholarly conversation with faculty and students, service to the community, excursions related to the liberal arts, and shared experiences with CUI Honors and our upper-quads neighbors. Events are open to all students, faculty, and staff. Join us in Theta!

Faculty in Residence Bio

Jeff and Stacie Mallinson have been with education and nonprofits for two decades. In just about everything they’ve done, their concern is to help young people find empowerment through the engagement with wisdom, ancient and contemporary. They have pioneered various approaches to living-learning experiences, both at CUI and at Trinity Lutheran College, where Jeff previously served as academic dean.

Jeff has served in Christ College as professor of theology and philosophy from 2012-2020, after which he transferred to the role of chair and professor of History and Political Thought. Stacie, who previously served CUI as Director of Alumni and Family Relations is trained as an end of life doula and yoga instructor, specializing in Yin and restorative practices. The couple co-host a podcast called Protect Your Noggin, which focuses on ways for educators and students to evade and counteract manipulative behaviors within religious communities. They are also working on a “rewording” of the Tao Te Ching, through their project Taosurfers. They also speak and provide workshops around the country.

They have two grown children, Augustin (CUI class of 2020) and Aidan (enrolled in UC Santa Cruz). Since Jeff and Stacie are recent empty-nesters, they are excited to invest some of their extra parental energies into life with students on campus. They often explore overland life, living for extended periods in their truck camper, dubbed “St. George.” They are developing an off-grid farm in San Diego county. In their spare time, they ride motorcycles up and down Pacific Coast Highway and hike with their lovable rescue dog Bindi.

Jeff and Stacie Mallinson

Jeff and Stacie Mallinson

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