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Sydney Nelson

College Corps Service Emphasis: K-12 Education

Sydney Nelson


Sydney Shares:

The College Corps program is a great community service fellowship. You gain work experience while building relationships and making connections. This program is a great resume builder for any college student.

What have you gained from your College Corps experience thus far?

I have gained workplace experience that will help me in the future as well as personal growth experience in a diverse environment.

What advice would you give to a student considering College Corps?

I definitely recommend this program. If you are considering the program and you have questions, reach out to a staff member. The staff is incredibly helpful.

Sydney Nelson serves at The Wooden Floor, an educational and dance center aimed at transforming the lives of young people in low-income communities. Her #CaliforniansForAll College Corps experience has proven to be a valuable springboard for her future endeavors. Sydney enjoys the hands-on components of teaching, building relationships with her students, and watching them succeed. This program has helped Sydney become more comfortable when acclimating to new environments and supported her desire to integrate community service into her college experience. She highly recommends the College Corps to other college students as a means to gain work experience, make meaningful community connections, and build an impressive resume.

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