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Rylyne Lopez

College Corps Service Emphasis: K-12 Education

Rylyne Lopez


Rylyne Shares:

This program is extremely community-oriented. I was prepared to help others through service and tutoring, but I am learning so much from my students and colleagues. Irvine is my new home, and serving this community has helped me feel connected. The amazing financial assistance is a huge bonus.

What advice would you give to a student considering College Corps?

Students have the opportunity to be involved not only on campus but in the community, to learn leadership skills, and to meet new people while being paid for the helpful services you perform.

Rylyne Lopez joined the #CaliforniansForAll College Corps program because she believes volunteering is crucial to being part of and supporting the community. As a new resident of Irvine, Rylyne was eager both to learn about the local community's needs and to do something to help. Through her participation in College Corps, Rylyne has acquired new leadership skills and established meaningful connections with local volunteers and professionals, all while earning financial assistance.

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