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Laura Gibson

College Corps Service Emphasis: Climate Action

Laura Gibson


Laura Shares:

This program is a win-win. The work schedule is flexible with your college classes, and you are encouraged by the leadership and other fellows. This program benefits you as a student with experience, professional development, and college tuition — all while you make an impact in the community.

What led you to apply to the College Corps Program?

I have always loved serving people and my community. When planning out my time at Concordia, I realized I would need to work in order to help support myself.

Laura Gibson was searching for a welcoming community and purposeful service as she began her college experience, and the #CaliforniansForAll College Corps program has been exactly that and more! Laura works at Tanaka Farms, a local farm in Irvine, where she enjoys educating families on farm life and agriculture. Her close bond with a horse named Pinto Bean is a cherished highlight of her experience. Laura grew up with agriculture experience through visiting her great grandmother’s almond farm, and the ability to help others learn about agriculture as she once did is a special opportunity. Through her service work, Laura has strengthened her public speaking skills and refined her abilities to engage and interact with others.

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