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Jocelyne Corona

College Corps Service Emphasis: Climate Action

Jocelyne Corona


What is an experience that has impacted your time as a College Corps Fellow?

My very first time going to Laguna Beach and seeing how beautiful nature is made me reflect on my life and the path I was leaning towards. Being in God's creation with the perspective of protecting it really impacted me for good.

What led you to apply to the College Corps Program?

I applied for the College Corps program to help my community, gain life and work skills, and make connections at Concordia, along with receiving financial aid.

Jocelyne Corona has acquired a diverse set of skills during her time with the Laguna Ocean Foundation. The Foundation works to protect Laguna’s coastal ecosystems through research, education, and community involvement. As part of her service, Jocelyne collects data, reports environmental violations, and helps keep the public informed about the fragile yet beautiful environment around them. Her participation has fostered strong relationships with other fellows and the #CaliforniansForAll College Corps program faculty members. 

Through the College Corps program, Jocelyne shares that she not only served the community but also gained valuable life, academic, and community-building skills that she puts to use each day. She finds her time filled with purpose as she helps make the coastal community a better place

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