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High School Single Subject Credential

The coursework for the California Single Subject credential is listed below. This coursework is approved by the State of California for obtaining a California State Single Subject Teaching Credential.

In addition to this coursework, you will need passage of the California State required tests.

EDUC 200 The Teacher and Technology (1)
EDUC 101 Introduction to Teaching Careers I (1)
EDUC 204: Introduction to Teaching Diverse Populations
EDUC 301: Typical and Atypical Development of Diverse Learners
EDUC 401 Instructional Planning and Assessment (3)
EDUC 402 Creating a Positive Learning Environment (3)
EDUC 451 Language and Culture (3)
EDUC 424 Secondary Curriculum Methods (4)
EDUC 470 Content Area Reading in Middle & Secondary Classrooms (4)
EDUC 481 TPA Practicum & Seminar: Secondary/ Single Subject (1)
EDUC 483 Student Teaching (12) full time teaching for a full semester

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