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Education Specialist (EDSP) Credential

In California, a person studying to be a special education teacher will work toward obtaining an Education Specialist (EDSP) credential. This credential allows you to teach a variety of subjects to students K-22. CUI students earn the Mild Moderate Support Needs credential, which includes specific learning disabilities, mild to moderate intellectual disabilities, other health impairment, serious emotional disturbance, and authorizes service in grades K–12 and in classes organized primarily for adults through age 22.  Information about this credential can be found on the CTC website.

CUI's Liberal Studies major is part of California's Elementary Subject Matter Preparation (ESM) program. Therefore, CUI students in this major who pursue the Multiple Subject credential will not be required to take the California Subject Examination Test (CSET).

If you wish to teach Special Education at the secondary (grades 6-12) level, some school districts will require that you also earn a Single Subject credential in the specific content area. That can be done after earning your preliminary EDSP credential.

Credential coursework can be done as part of your undergraduate degree, meaning you can finish your Bachelor’s degree and credential at the same time. Some universities have this as a “blended” program. We think it is just good sense. It will take 4, 4.5, or 5 years, depending on the pace you set for becoming a teacher.

If you want to teach in a Lutheran school, you can obtain your Lutheran Teacher Certificate through Concordia University. This can be done with your undergraduate major and credential coursework.

Admission to the Teacher Education program comes in two parts. You must first be accepted as a student through the University Admissions application process. A separate application for the School of Education will be done once you have started the introductory education classes.

The State of California requires that all candidates for teacher credentials complete and pass state approved tests and assessments before certification no matter which school you attend. Concordia’s Liberal Studies major will prepare you for these exams.

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