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The Role of Strategic Support in Authentic Instructional Change

October 02, 2017 - 0 minute read

A Collaborative Action Research Study

Teressa Moore, MAED in Educational Administration
Valerie Pentolino, MAED in Educational Administration
Alison Zúñiga, MAED in Educational Administration

The purpose of this action research study was to analyze and investigate whether the strategic support and feedback approach of peer coaching would be an effective intervention to improve overall teacher efficacy and confidence needed to encourage the continuous implementation of a new, innovative instructional method such as Project-Based Learning (PBL) upon completion of professional development training. For four weeks, teacher participants worked with a peer coach by means of collaboration and support, modeling and observations. The researchers collected pre- and post- intervention survey and interview data, as well as observation, reflection journal and communication artifacts. At the end of the intervention, the participant teachers demonstrated improved efficacy and confidence and expressed an overall desire to continue the implementation of PBL as a new teaching tool.

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