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Publishing To Improve Mentorship

March 22, 2021 - 1 minute read

Dr. Karge

Belinda Dunnick Karge, PhD, on the doctoral faculty in CUI’s School of Education, has collaborated on a number of recently-published papers, mostly in partnership with CUI doctoral alumni or students.

“We encourage students, after getting their dissertation, to write articles with their dissertation chair,” Karge says. “The work they did in the program is relevant and worthy to be published.” 

The articles appear mostly in top-level professional journals in the field of education, including The Chronicle of Mentoring & Coaching, Multicultural Education, Childhood Education Innovations.

“All the articles relate to educational leaders, which is what our program is about — supporting teachers and administrators,” she says. “The focus of much of the research is on mentoring and how we can make education a better place.” 

The articles delve into the subject of mentorship in various educational contexts. One paper examines how to support K-12 administrators as math mentors. Another looks at mentoring by music teachers. Another analyzes data found in a state of California mentoring program. Another studies administrators who support foster youth. 

Publishing papers like these opens doors for CUI alumni in their careers and academic pursuits, Karge says. 

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