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Crosswise Summer Experience

2023 Theme: What Is Truth? Real News, Fake News, and Good News in the Age of Information

June 25-28, 2023


Speaker on stage at Crosswise Summer Experience

What Happens at Crosswise?

 What Is Truth? Real News, Fake News, and Good News in the Age of Information

What does it mean to tell the truth? Is there such a thing as "your truth" and "my truth"? Crosswise 2023 will explore how culture shapes its stories in order to present a vision of reality that may or may not coincide with Christian truth. Participants will be exposed to the industries of news and politics to discern how (and why) narratives are built. The goal will be to cultivate critical thinking and Christian discernment in the participants, so that they might be confident in the truth of Jesus and his resurrection.

Joel speaking

What is Crosswise?

Why should my teenager attend Crosswise?

The short answer is simple. Crosswise is a place where your son or daughter can practice wisdom. Crosswise will model what it means to be in dialogue: we explore how to think deeply, how to engage topics biblically, and how to serve God with our mind. It is our job to provide a rich variety of opportunities to have these important conversations over a five-day span. The topics we talk about aren’t going to have easy answers. In fact, we expect that many of the participants will come to differing conclusions on the presented material.

In case that’s not enough, there’s more:

  1. For $349 your teen receives room, board for 3 nights, program and special activities for 4 days (Sunday evening through Wednesday morning).
  2. Participants will have a wide range of learning experiences: Big sessions, small groups, breakout sessions, planned activities, and special events.
  3. Each student will live on campus, getting a taste of collegiate life in a relaxed, but controlled, environment.
  4. Crosswise has sought nationally known presenters who are leaders in their respected fields, as well as established Lutheran theologians to use as conversation partners.
  5. The event will be led from a confessional Lutheran perspective, though we expect a wide variety of denominations represented.
  6. Travel scholarships have been available in the past and may be available for out-of-state participants. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Registration: $349 until June 1


Details about our Summer Experience and what to expect during your stay at Concordia University Irvine.


Crosswise is strategically located at the Concordia University Campus in Irvine, California.

Concordia’s hilltop setting is located fifty miles south of Los Angeles, eighty miles north of San Diego, and six miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. The beautiful campus is sits atop a spectacular plateau overlooking Orange County.

And because it’s a university campus, all 70 acres of it is designed for students. Modern dorms, gated grounds, convenient food services, athletic fields, a student union, and fabulous meeting spaces. Easy to find, and quick to get to, the private college campus is an ideal setting for engaging the minds of high-schoolers as they come together from diverse locations and backgrounds to give voice to their ideas.

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At Crosswise, local church workers and Concordia students will serve as facilitators, supervisors, and guides during our time together.


Each Crosswise student participates in small group discussions led by a Concordia professor. In addition, the students can experience the academic and communal life of Concordia by attending breakout sessions that advance the theme of the event in the multiple disciplines of the liberal arts. These sessions promote an atmosphere of question-asking, critical thinking, and personal interaction with our professors and staff. Finally, every Crosswise main speaker is made available for individual questions and conversation after his/her presentation to encourage ongoing relationship building.


Each day we will have a variety of Community Life Activities. Some of these will happen off campus to nearby places of interest. Excursions in the past have included a beach trip, a Major League Baseball game and more. Excursions for this year's Summer Experience will be revealed in the registration confirmation send a few weeks prior to the event date.


The themes we explore at Crosswise are always considered through the lens of Scripture. Here, we will cultivate an attitude of worship each day as we exalt our Creator God and refocus our minds on Him.

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