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Crosswise Summer Experience

Who is Crosswise?

The Crosswise Institute of Concordia University Irvine endeavors to engage high school students in meaningful dialogue on contemporary cultural issues that challenge their worldview and that calls them from comfort to something risky, but rewarding.

Together, students are invited to develop their ideas, refine their thinking, and examine how the church community might respond to current and relevant topics as informed by Scripture. Ultimately, we want to bring these conversations to bear on the real lives of friends and neighbors as students go out with a thoughtful Christian perspective on current events, ethical concerns, and social trends.

Crosswise Summer Experience

2018 Theme: God and the Brain

How do we make sense of the relationships between our brains, our biology, and our beliefs? High school students, you are invited to join us for the Crosswise Institute Summer Experience. Through compelling teaching and engaging conversations, you will explore questions about God & the brain, science & faith, and the impact these ideas could have on your future. Through the lens of Scripture, we will explore together the role of the church in these present and future realities.

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2018 Crosswise Summer Experience Highlights

How is God calling you to serve?

From its founding, Concordia University’s Christ College has equipped students to carry out the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. As you seek to discover your unique calling, Crosswise offers you an opportunity to explore your questions and collaborate with like-minded students.

Learn more about each of the Church Work Programs offered at Concordia University Irvine:

Want to know more about preparing for a vocation in church work at Concordia University Irvine? Please contact the Christ College Program Coordinator, Carrie Donohoe, at or (949) 214-3389.

Ways to Support

By Contributing Your Ideas

This innovative and exciting new think tank for high school students offers today’s youth an opportunity to lend their voice to contemporary issues and engage these ideas within their sphere of influence to shape culture. Select faculty and scholars will be invited to facilitate these conversations.

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By Continuing the Conversation

The carefully articulated, gospel-centered ideas that result from these gatherings will become available to students and their communities as resources for continuing the conversation. Read articles, watch video, and listen to audio of our recent gatherings.

By Giving

Invest in Concordia University Irvine’s Crosswise Institute today.

Crosswise offers high school students a unique opportunity to engage in learning spaces that emphasize inquiry, critical thinking, collaboration, and authentic, "real world" problem solving as they tackle culturally relevant topics. We believe these students are capable of sparking meaningful change in their communities.

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